Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Coosh Power Bank - Review

Coosh Power Bank
Coosh Power Bank

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Have you ever been out and about when suddenly your phone is dead? Happens to me all of the time.  Luckily, I plug it into my handy dandy car charger and all is right with the world again.  For some people that isn't always an option.  Or convenient.  My husband  is constantly on the go.  Seriously..his job takes him across the entire state, twice a month.  He is in a different town every day.  It's a lot of driving, some flying and tons of being mobile. He carries a laptop, ipad, iPhone, jet pack and all of those necessary things that require batteries.  They don't always decide to need charging at the most convenient of times.  Sitting in a client's office, an airport or having a lunch meeting is when charging on the go is most inconvenient.  I shouldn't be surprised when that is the time that he needs power most often. 

He recently began using the Coosh Power Bank.  This handy device is basically a portable electrical outlet.  He is able to plug his devices into one of the multiple USB ports on the power bank and receive instant power.  He has enjoyed that it actually charges his ipad faster than his vehicle charger.  The power bank is simple to use.  You charge it via a usb cord that is included with the unit.  Once it is fully charged it is available to charge any device that you connect though it's usb cord.  It has really been a life saver. It's a great product for professionals but is also a necessity for any home's emergency preparation kit.  Having access to a source to recharge your cell phone during an extended power outage is vital.  It allows you to stay connected with the outside world and reach emergency personnel if needed.  There have been many occasions that we have experienced power outages of a week or more after a hurricane makes landfall.  This would have been a great item to have during those times.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about this product, or any of the products that Coosh offers, you can visit their Amazon page here.

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