I am from a small town in Mississippi. I spent many years working in the telecommunications industry at a small privately owned cellular provider.  I held many positions while with that company including Customer Service Representative, Customer Contact Center Supervisor, Telesales Center Supervisor and Customer Service Coordinator.  After leaving the telecommunications industry I moved into consumer lending and held the position of Branch Account Executive II for a nationwide consumer lender.  During that I time I became pregnant with my 3rd child.  My pregnancy was uneventful for the most part.  I began having contractions several months early.  I was put on medication to stop the contractions and light duty.  I didn't go on full bed rest.  During this period I left the workforce. 

I am currently a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful, energetic sometimes wildly nerve wrecking little munchkins. I am married to a great father that works in the financing industry for a world wide automotive lender. I have 3 dogs that are hyper, destructive and super cute along with 1 cat that is fat and lazy.  My oldest daughter recently turned 13, my son is 6 and my youngest daughter this is 2.  I intended to go back to work once our youngest turned 1 but due to her medical issues I have decided to stay at home with her until I feel comfortable with her beginning preschool.  She has been diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome, 2 CHD's, PDD-NOS along with receptive and expressive communication delays.

I began my blog as a way to bring awareness to lesser known diseases and as a way to give the world a peek into the life of a family with a special needs child.  I recently began providing product reviews for several companies through my blog and social media accounts.  Even though the majority of the products that I review are received for free, I always provide an honest and unbiased review.  As a single income family, I understand the need comparison shop and find the best deal.  I hope that through product reviews I am able to help families find new and exciting products that are beneficial to their family.

My blog also is also where I show my interest in DIY, cooking and frugal living.  I make many of our household products as a way of saving money and also to lower my family's exposure to chemicals.  I frequently share instruction on making household cleaners, craft projects, organization and cooking.

Time for the introductions!

Melissa. The queen bee, ruler of the roost, rule making mommy.

 Brandon.  Second in command and money maker at  the crazy farm ;)
Cheyanne.  The oldest, clumsiest, almost teenager one.
Chris. The middle one whose room always looks like a disaster area, doesn't understand what quiet times means and is excited to go to school every single day.
Ainsley.  The princess baby who has had a rough 2 years but is doing amazing right now.


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