Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August - National Child Support Awarenss Month

Shout out to all of the dead beat dads (and moms) out there, it's National Child Support Awareness Month!

Since Ains was born and I was thrown into the world of rare illnesses, I have tried to do my part to bring awareness to her conditions.  Not many people know what Sotos Syndrome is or Congenital Heart Defects.  I can't help but be a little aggravated when I see the pink ribbons for breast cancer, the ice water challenge for ALS or wear red for heart disease.  Most everyone is aware of these conditions.  The conditions that have the least campaigns are the ones that need more attention, the ones that people have never heard of.  I suppose that everyone knows what breast cancer, ALS and heart disease are because of the awareness campaigns and because they are more common. But..I still get that feeling in my stomach when I hear $40 million was raised for one condition when nothing is being done for so many.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against awareness campaigns for more common, known issues, just a little jealous.

So, since the rest of America is covering ALS awareness at the moment here is a shout out the less publicized National Child Support Awareness Month.  I'm sure everyone knows what child support is but I learned some interesting facts.  Only about 50% of single parents have a child support order and only 45% of those parents actually receive the full awarded amount each month..if anything.  I would have never thought it was such a low number.  I know dead beat parents but I always thought they were largely outnumbered by responsible parents that paid support.

Children have no choice in being born.  Whether you are ready to be a parent or not is irrelevant.  If you are adult enough to make a baby, you are adult enough to support it.  And don't think that you have hit the lottery because you got pregnant by someone that's loaded.  Babies aren't lottery tickets.

Step up and do the right thing.  If you make a baby, take care of it.  Times may be hard right now but anything is better than nothing.  Don't let your kids grow up wondering why they never saw or heard from one of their parents. 


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