Sunday, August 24, 2014

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The person that wrote that is clueless..or childless.  Ever try to get 3 kids and a husband up and dressed for church on Sunday morning after they have stayed up until 2 a.m. watching Sponge Bob and the latest zombies eating humans low budget horror film? It's not easy.  Between the complete and total exhaustion and uncooperative short people we have not managed to make it to church in several months.  Feeling major guilt about that.  I already know exactly how it will go.  I will manage to drag everyone out of be an hour late, run through the house yelling put on clothes and throw a poptart at each of them as we walk out the door.  Once we get there 1 will be mad, 1 will asked 546 times how long before we can leave and 1 will have a major meltdown beginning when she sees the nursery door and ending when we walk in our front door.  Routines are amazing...I LOVED them until the youngest was born.  Now, I realize they are a required part of daily life, the only shot I have at possibly going a few hours without a screaming, on the floor kicking and punching meltdown.  I'm bruised, she is bruised.  I'm tired, she is exhausted.  There are days that I feel like Super Woman and days I want to go hide in the closet so no one can find me.  Thankfully there aren't many of those hiding days.  Sunday morning, far from easy. 

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