Thursday, August 28, 2014

Technology and Kids - What's so bad about it?!

I happened across an article on AOL today discussing the best educational apps for kids.  You can find it here:

Technology and children is a subject that many disagree on.  There are pros and cons in this area.  Some say kids are too attached to electronics, whether it be tablets, phone, gaming console, kids are not socializing and exercising as they were in the past before all of these amazing advances in technology.  I find myself agreeing with this.  My boy kid is totally and completely addicted to his DS and IPhone apps. That's all he wants to do.  My youngest is hooked on watching videos on my iPhone.  She doesn't want to do anything else.  Yes, that's examples of technology gone wrong.  In my defense we live in Mississippi where it is 127 degrees in the shade at 7:00 a.m. so outside play is short and sweet.  I do limit their time on least attempt to.  I will admit I have used it as a babysitter. How else am I going to cook dinner, wash clothes and clean up the pee around the toilet because certain short people cant aim? Don't judge aren't perfect either.

With all of the negative surrounding this it's hard to see the positive.  My son could count to 50, knew all of his colors and shapes (not just basic shapes), say the alphabet and name 20 animals all before he was 2.  Everyday he sat with his little laptop and played games.  Counting, spelling, adding, you name it he had an app or laptop game for that and the results were amazing. He is doing great in school.  We rarely HAVE to study. We do study every night just to instill in him the habit of studying.  He picks up on everything so fast that it shocks me sometimes.  I attribute how well he is doing in school to the many hours he spent playing educational games and the countless hours we spent doing workbook pages and play learning.  Children learn so easily when they are enjoying themselves.  Play learning is fun and they  pick up on so much without realizing they are learning.

My two favorite apps are Balloon School and Baby Sign.  Ainsley loves these apps.  She thinks she is just playing a game so it holds her interest.  Balloon School lets her practice shapes, letters and numbers along with a few fun games.  Baby Sign lets her practice sign language.  It has an option that demonstrates how to make the sign, a flashcard option and a quiz option.  I love apps that let me trick them into learning :) Both of these apps are available for free in the Apple App Store.

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