Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Being a stay at home mom is amazing.  I get to spend more time with the kids, stay on top of the cleaning and not be rushed to get homework/baths/homework finished in the evening. There is also that one big downside...only one paycheck, which requires the creation of a budget.  A budget that isn't just for pretty or so that you can say yeah, we have a budget..one that you actually stick to.  That hasn't been too hard for me since I am cheap and truly hate to spend money.  I hate shopping, probably more than most men hate shopping which is a good thing when you are sticking to a budget.  One of friends (you can find the link to her blog on my page) recently introduced me to the world of Pinchme.  It's this amazing website that you sign up for that sends you free products monthly to test.  How cool is that?!  Free stuff to test for free..did I mention it's free?? So I signed up and ordered my first package today.  There weren't many items left by the time I managed get logged in but I think I still did good.  I got a bottle of Allegra, scented markers, mechanical pencils, face wipes and coffee.  I'm excited for my box to get here so I can try it all out.  I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes :)

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