Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lifeguard Lightning Cable - Review

Lifeguard Lightning Cable
Lifeguard Lightning Cable

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I am ALWAYS looking for a charger.  If I am not, someone in my house is.  They seem to vanish.  If they don't disappear we have the issue of the cables breaking or the dreaded "not compatible" error.  I can't count how many chargers I have purchased.  Always Apple certified cables but I still end up with issues. 

I recently began using the Lifeguard Lightning Cable to charge my iPhone.  Since all chargers seem to work perfectly in the beginning I was not too impressed when this one initially worked perfectly.  I have been using it for over a month and I have not had any problems at all.  This cable is not showing any wear on the end like all of my others have.  I have also not received any error messages or had any difficulty with charging my phone.  This cable is much longer than the cable included with my iPhone.  It is great having a cord that is a little longer.  I am able to read the occasional email on my phone while it is charging if I need to. 

The Lifeguard Lightning Cable is priced less than most gas station chargers and has worked so much better for me.  It  is great to have a cable that I can depend on and no I longer worry it will leave me with an error message instead of power when I am out and about.

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