Monday, January 5, 2015

Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone - Review

Liztek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Music is always playing in my house.  I have 2 larger tower speakers that I connect my phone to when I am cleaning but they are not very portable.  It's not worth the hassle of moving them.  I listen to my music on speaker phone but it's not very loud and most of the time I am not able to hear it over what I am doing.

I was very excited to try out the Liztek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.  It seemed to be exactly what I needed..something small, portable and powerful.  This speaker is very simple to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device.   The sound quality is excellent. I love that it connects up to 33 away.  I can connect my phone and leave it in one room while I am in another with the speaker working.  The speaker also has a jack and can be connected to devices that are not Bluetooth capable.  The speaker phone addition is something that I didn't think would be used often but I actually really enjoy it.  I am able to carry on a conversation while typing or doing things that don't allow for a free hand.  It is much easier to hear than the speaker phone option on the phone itself. 

My husband has also used the Liztek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker but in a much different way.  He enjoys hunting when he is able to escape work.  He has an app on his phone of deer calls.  It is not very loud so he connected the speaker to his phone and now plays the calls through the Liztek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.  It works perfectly for him. 

The Liztek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker includes a rechargeable battery, much more economical than replacing batteries constantly.  The battery lasts for up to 10 hours of play time. 

I have really enjoyed using this product.  Having a powerful yet small and portable speaker is a necessity for any music lover.  If you are interested in learning more about this product or purchasing you may visit their Amazon listing here.

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