Sunday, January 4, 2015

Longest Lasting Super Bright Rim Lights - Review

 Longest Lasting Super Bright Rim Lights
 Longest Lasting Super Bright Rim Lights

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My kids are not exactly what you would call the outdoor type.  We live in Mississippi, it's hotter than he** in the shade on a cloudy day with a breeze blowing. You can't blame them for wanting to stay inside as much as possible.  The boy kid loves his bike but he doesn't ride it as often as he would like simply because it's so hot.  He rides it inside more than he does outside.  He always wants to go outside and play once it gets dark and cools off some but there aren't many games to play at night. 

We recently added the Longest Lasting Super Bright Rim Lights to his bike.  The lights are very simple to install.  They simply screw onto the valve stem on the tires.  It takes a total of 45 seconds to add them to a bicycle.  I don't know where I expected them to go on the bike but I did expect them to be harder to install than they were.  After adding them to his bike we all went outside and watched.  He absolutely LOVES that his bike lights up while he is riding.  The lights are actually very useful. I don't allow him to ride on the road but he does ride on our driveway.  I don't like him to do that unless an adult is outside because I worry a car may pull in and hit him before they see him.  I still don't let him go by himself but I no longer worry that someone will pull in the driveway and not see him. 

Being the rednecks that we are we decided to go a bit further.  This package comes with multiple sets of lights so....we added one set to my daughter's 4-wheeler.  Yes, I know...  redneck.  It was actually really cool!  The lights are very bright and we could see her glowing as she rode through the field. 

The kids have really enjoyed the Longest Lasting Super Bright Rim Lights.  Adults will also enjoy them on their bikes or other "big kid" toys.  They are very cool looking and also provide a little extra visibility which is always a good thing when you are riding at night.

If you are interested in learning more about this product or purchasing rim lights you can visit their Amazon listing here.

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