Saturday, December 20, 2014

180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution - Review

180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution
180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution

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Droopy butt.  It's a terrible side effect of not doing squats.  Or exercise of any type.  Or eating chocolate daily.  Or any of the 149 things I do each day that aren't "healthy".  Tummy pooch is also a side effect of kids.  It hangs around when you refuse to spend anytime doing sit ups.  Even if you are within your ideal weight range you can still suffer from the droop and pooch.  It discriminates against no one. 

As we have learned droop and pooch don't vanish on their own, not without a little work.  I started eating healthier a few months ago.  I cut out a lot of junk food.  I also cut down on drinks and increased the amount of water that I drink.  I've been slowly getting back into an exercise routine and I also added the 180 Cosmetics Body Shaping Solution a few weeks ago.

This shaping solution works to tighten, firm and strengthen skin.  It contains ingredients that work to heal and restore skin, not only altering the appearance of skin but also the feel and health.  This product does not contain strong chemicals and has a very pleasant fragrance.

I apply the solution one time daily. It goes on similar to a moisturizer.  It does not leave a residue on my skin.  It feels soft and moisturized.  The cream dries within minutes and the scent is a faint scent that quickly fades and does not overpower perfumes or other moisturizers.  I didn't experience an immediate result when using this product but I did begin to see results after a few days.  I have been using the solution for 3 weeks and can see a substantial difference in my skin currently and before I started using it.  I am seeing greater improvement with continued use. 

If you are interested in learning more about this product you can do so by visiting their Amazon listing here.

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