Sunday, December 21, 2014

Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale - Review

Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale
Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale

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The New Year is almost here.  It's time to begin preparations for those plans of starting a new diet and eating healthier.  When eating healthy portion size is very important.  It's not something that you can judge  well by sight.  This is when owning a kitchen scale comes in extremely handy.

The Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale works wonderfully for measuring portions for meals.  I have also used it when buying food in bulk.  I purchase meat and other products in large packages and separate them into smaller packages depending upon my menu for the week. It is much less expensive to buy these products in larger quantities, for my family, than in individual serving sizes.  This scale allows me to break them down into individual sizes easily.  This scale has been great for measuring meats, vegetables and fruits. 

The scale is lightweight which makes for easy storage and use.  It is compact and takes up a small amount of cabinet space.  It includes a removable bowl which adds to the ease of use.  Food can be weighed and then transported in the removable bowl to the stove, sink or table.  The scale is calibrated for use with the bowl and the readings are precise.  The display is lighted and easy to read, even in dimly lit rooms.  The removable bowl also makes clean up a breeze.  The scale can be used with or without the bowl.

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