Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Joyal Beauty Renew Serum - Review

Joyal Beauty Renew Serum
Joyal Beauty Renew Serum

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I love trying new products!  Beauty products from 5 years ago are nothing compared to the products of today.  The advances are amazing.  That's partly why 13 year olds look 18 and 40 year olds look 25.  Throw in some good genes (and jeans) and you can stay young for an extra 15 years. 

I've been fairly blessed when it comes to my skin.  It's not perfect but other than the occasional breakout I haven't had many issues.  I never went through the acne phase as a teenager.  I thank the tanning bed for that.  Call me crazy but when I was going to the tanning bed regularly I never had a pimple.  I also used some really good skin care products to fight the damage of sun/tanning bed exposure.  My daughter seems to have a little bit more of a struggle than I do.  It's nothing major.  Just a few pimples here and there.  Nothing that I would consider calling a dermatologist about but it does bother her.  I have purchased several products for her, they help but they haven't completely cleared up her issues. 

I was recently presented with the opportunity to try the Joyal Beauty Renew Serum.  After doing some research on the product I decided that it may benefit her more than me.  This serum is a natural antibiotic agent and is used to stop bacterial growth.  Many skin and acne issues are caused by bacteria.   This serum works to naturally to rid your skin of those acne causing bacteria while reducing inflammation and also soothing itchy, dry skin. 

The Joyal Beauty Renew Serum is fast and simple to apply.  One small pump is all that is needed to cover the entire face.  The serum goes on effortlessly and dries in a matter of seconds.  It doesn't leave an oily residue and is great to use under makeup.  My daughter applies it to her face every morning and night after cleaning.  She makes sure to rub it in well and to also avoid her eyes.  After just a few days I noticed that she was not getting any new breakouts.  After about 10 days her face was completely clear.  This product has worked great for her!   It is made with natural ingredients which makes me feel very comfortable about her using it.  She feels so much more confident about her appearance since using it.

If you are interested in learning more about this product or purchasing it you may do so by visiting their Amazon listing here.

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