Monday, December 1, 2014

FlavFusion 26 Oz Infuser Water Bottle - Review and DISCOUNT

FlavFusion 26 Oz Infuser Water Bottle
FlavFusion 26 Oz Infuser Water Bottle
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I enjoy doing things that are healthy.  Well, I enjoy healthy things that I enjoy lol.  I love fruit.  I love fruit juice. I love salads.  I love certain veggies.  If it weren't for my love of chocolate I would totally be skinny! 

I live in Mississippi where it is 102 degrees in the shade with a breeze in the winter.  Nothing is as good as a cold bottle of water.  A few months ago I decided to jump on board the cucumber water bandwagon.  I will not be trying that again!  Cucumbers are yummy!  Water is yummy!  Cucumber flavored water..pass!  Seriously..pass!! I love lemon water, strawberry water, watermelon water..every fruit you can think of flavored water.  I'm not a fan of artificial sweeteners. I prefer real fruit over packaged fruit flavors.  In the past I have made my own flavored waters.  I simply add fruit to a gallon of water and stick it in the fridge.  A lot of times (especially with lemon water) I catch kids with their hands in there picking the lemons out lol.  It's also not convenient when I am on the go.  I never think about filling a water bottle when I am leaving.  I also end up wasting a lot.  I never seem to drink the whole gallon before the fruit spoils. 

I recently received the chance to use and review the FlavFusion 26 Oz Infuser Water Bottle.  This bottle is really adorable.  It has a built in infuser.  It allows you to make 26 oz of flavored water at a time.  This has helped me to cut down on waste because I am making much less at a time.  I am also drinking more because I can grab my bottle as I am walking out the door.  I'm actually save a little money too because I am no longer grabbing a bottle of water or a drink while I am out running errands since I have my infuser water bottle with me at all times.  The infuser works perfectly.  The great thing about this infuser is the placement.  It is located directly below the drinking spout.  This ensures that all water passes through the infuser before drinking.  That means that every drink of water is sure to absorb the maximum about of flavor.  I have used all types of fruit in my infuser bottle and have thoroughly enjoyed it!  This bottle is easy to clean and is designed to withstand daily use. 

A few words from FlavFusion:

- 26 ounce fill capacity
- Easy to use and makes delicious natural fruit flavored beverages!
- Liquid flows around and through the fruit to flavor the drink.
- Removable fruit infuser
- BPA Free
- Lead Free
- Bottle is made of PET Plastic - the Safest Plastic in Drinkware and the New Alternative to Polycarbonate
- Basket is made of Polypropylene
- Wide Mouth - 63 mm Neck
- Fits most Cup Holders
- Recommended Hand Wash Only
- Do Not Microwave
- Made in the USA

Seller Warranty - We will replace any defective bottle.
Just give us a call or contact us by clicking on Your Orders
and Contact Seller after logging into your account.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about the FlavFusion 26 Oz Infuser Water Bottle you can view their Amazon listing here.  FlavFusion has been kind enough to offer a $2.00 off coupon to all of our readers!  You can enter 9WMNBVTM at checkout to receive your discount. 

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