Friday, December 19, 2014

Bru Joy Milk Frother Wand Stainless Steel - Review& GIVEAWAY

Bru Joy Milk Frother Wand Stainless Steel
Bru Joy Milk Frother Wand Stainless Steel

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We all have our weaknesses.  Mine is coffee. Unfortunately, I have been forced to give up my coffee addiction.  I am almost 2 weeks coffee free.  It's been hard and miserable.  I remember the trips to Starbuck's and the different types of coffee that I used to make at home.  The coffee pot on my counter is a constant reminder of what used to be.  It brings a tear to my eye each time I walk past it.  It's like I've lost my best friend.  I've tried to move on.  I've started having green tea in the mornings and hot chocolate at night.  It's not the same as my coffee but it better than nothing. 

When I was drinking coffee I loved to experiment with different flavors and recipes.  I am a stay at home mom who (happily) doesn't get out every day and I also live in a small town that doesn't have a Starbuck's.  I started duplicating my favorite coffee drinks at home and quickly learned that I would need a frother to make my favorite drinks at home. 

I learned that there are many, many options available for frothers.  They can be very large and expensive also.  I am slightly OCD and have an issue with things on my cabinets.  My microwave and coffee pot are the only items that stay out.  I knew that I would want something that was small so it wouldn't be a pain to get out every day.  That's when I was presented with the opportunity to try the Bru Joy Milk Frother Wand.  It is actually exactly what I needed.  It is compact yet works great.  It even included a holder so I could mount it.   I was able to hang it inside the door of my coffee cabinet. 

This frother works great!  It is powered by 2 AAA batteries.  It turns milk into a thick froth in a matter of seconds.  It is NOT dishwasher safe but cleaning it is extremely simple.  You just rinse the frothing wand under running water.  This frother is made of stainless steel and is extremely durable.  The size of the Bru Joy Milk Frother Wand makes it excellent for traveling.  I have given up coffee but I am still able to enjoy a thick froth with my hot chocolate at night.  The kids also love to top their hot chocolate.  The frother is so simple to use that they are even able to make their own froth for their hot chocolate. 

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about this product you may do so by visiting their Amazon listing here.

The wonderful people at Bru Joy have offered to sponsor a GIVEAWAY for our readers.  One lucky reader will win a Bru Joy Milk Frother Wand.  You can enter below.  Good luck and be sure to let your friends and family know to enter also!

Bru Joy Milk Frother Wand - Stainless Steel

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