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Framesi BY Hydro-Gel Strong - Review & GIVEAWAY

Framesi BY Hydro-Gel Strong
Framesi BY Hydro-Gel Strong

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I have always loved my hair, when I fix it.  I am not one of those that has been blessed with the ability to wash and go.  I have to wash, condition, add product, blow dry, straighten or curl, add some more product and go.  If I don't it's a giant ponytail of frizzy curly mess.  Most days it's a giant ponytail of frizzy curly mess because doing all of that takes an hour. 

I have natural curl.  I have tons of natural curl.  The problem is that it quickly turns to frizz leaving me looking like a giant poodle.  I live in the land of year round humidity and my curl doesn't have a chance of surviving..even with product.  I have given up any hope of being natural.  It saddens me, especially when the natural beach wave look was big.  I could have easily pulled that off. 

I was recently presented with the opportunity to review BY Hydro-Gel Strong by Framesi.  I have tried many types of gels in the past but things change so I was willing to give it a shot.  I noticed that this gel is different from the beginning.  It does not contain alcohol but does contain minerals designed to repair damaged hair.  It also has UV filters to protect hair from sun damage.  I absolutely LOVE products that play double duty.  This gel works as a gel to produce volume and provide texture and shine while also strengthening hair.  It's 2 products in 1, which translates into a great time saver. 

Framesi BY Hydro-Gel Strong
Framesi BY Hydro-Gel Strong

The gel can be applied like normal, to wet or dry hair.  I applied it to my hair while it was still wet because I wanted to secure my natural curls.  I applied a generous amount and worked it evenly throughout my hair.  I also crunched up my hair to ensure that my curls were not pulled out while I was applying it.  I tossed my curls around a little and went about my business while my hair air dried.  This was the ultimate test for this product.  Once my hair did dry my curls were intact and looked great.  This wasn't a surprise. The real challenge came once I left the house and was out and about all day.  I threw a ponytail holder on my arm in case there was a hair crisis later during the day and headed out.  I am excited and shocked to report that after a full day of being out I returned home to curls that still looked great! They didn't fall or turn into a giant ball of frizzy misery.  I am still in shock about this.  This is the first product that I have used that I have found this type of success with. 

I certainly recommend this to anyone that is in search of a styling gel, especially anyone that lives in the constant humidity of the south.  You will not be disappointed.  You can purchase this product by visiting their website here.

The wonderful people at Framesi BY Hydro-Gel Strong have also offered to sponsor a giveaway for our readers!  You can enter below!  Please share this great opportunity with your family and friends!

BY Hydro-Gel Strong by Framesi

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