Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Awaken Therapeutic Protein Mousse by Surface - Review

Awaken Therapeutic Protein Mousse by Surface
Awaken Therapeutic Protein Mousse by Surface

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I have the hardest time finding products that control my hair.  I have a drawer full of products that just don't work for me.  Nothing against them, I have weird hair.  My hair is great when it cooperates but when it doesn't its a hot mess.  I have a ton of natural curl which immediately turns to crazy poodle frizz the minute I hit the lovely Mississippi humidity.  I have not found anything that can completely control it.  I don't get to enjoy my natural curls.  To have the "natural" look I have to dry my hair, straighten it, spray it, and then curl it..and put a gallon of hair spray on it.   It takes forever because I was also blessed with thick hair. 

I recently experimented with Awaken Therapeutic Protein Mousse by Surface in hopes that it would be able to somewhat control the wild and crazy ball of frizz known as my hair.  This mousse is not only designed to aid in style and control but to also strengthen and repair damaged hair.  This product is sulfate, paraben and gluten free, 100% vegan and is not tested on animals.  The mousse has a very pleasant but faint fragrance.  I applied it to my hair and used my diffuser to preserve my natural curls.  It dried very well and did not leave my hair feeling sticky or crunchy.  My hair felt soft however my curl stayed intact.  I was very pleased when I returned at the end of the day and my curls were still in place.  This product is more expensive than other brands of mousse that I have used in the past but I have noticed that I do use less of this product than I normally do and that it is lasting longer so I believe that it evens itself out.  The results have definitely been worth the cost for me.

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