Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nidra Sleep Mask - Review

Nidra Sleep Mask
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I can't sleep unless it is completely dark.  Not a bit of light at all.  I have mini blinds in my bedroom and light blocking curtains over the windows.  There is a smoke detector in my room that has a tiny green light. Most people wouldn't even notice that tiny light but I do.  I also have our modem and router in a corner of the room.  I have put a little piece of black tape over the lights on them but it doesn't completely block the light and it's just enough to keep me awake. 

I have never been able to sleep with a mask on in the past.  I can't stand for something to touch my eye lids.  It aggravates me and keeps me awake.  The Nidra Sleep Mask is different than masks I have tried in the past because it has eye pockets.  The material doesn't touch my eyelids but it still works perfectly to block out all light.  I like this also because I can use it while traveling and wearing makeup without worrying that my eye makeup will be ruined. It is unisex and is great for men also.  The mask very soft and comfortable to sleep it.  The material is breathable and after a few moments I can't even feel it anymore.  It is adjustable and will work for all sizes. 

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