Friday, October 3, 2014

I Will Cut You.. - Review


I tell Brandon daily that I will cut him and now I believe he will take me a little more seriously. 

Well, the weapon isn't for me.  It was actually suppose to be a Christmas gift for the hubs but since he was having a bad day and was molested by a doctor I decided to give it to him a little early to cheer him up. 

In case you don't know, I'm a girl.  I'm not a "Mississippi girl"..I'm just a girl.  I don't do manicures and all of that but I don't do dirt, mud and killing things either so I have no clue what to look for in a knife. 

I called up M.K.S., a local knife dealer, and they were happy to help.  They even took the time to inform me that this knife will slice potatoes and a steak however, it's intended purpose is to skin dead things (deer and those other animals that you can kill during hunting season). We had a nice long chat and they helped me with picking the perfect knife for my husband's needs.

Here is a little info about this particular knife.  Most of it came directly from the box since I am not very educated in the world of knives.  It is a Whitetail Cutlery 10 in" overall knife with a pakkawood handle and full -tang construction.  It has, what I thought, was the cutest little heart design on the blade..the hubby informed me that it was, in fact, a deer track.  Yeah, that's my bad.

He was very impressed with his "happy" and he was shocked when I told him how much it actually cost.  His guess was 3 times what I actually paid for it!!  I let him think that I am so awesome that I negotiated the price.  He has commented several times that he would have never thought I would be able to get quality knife at such a low price.  Did I forget to mention that it was not on sale?? No, MKS just has great prices.  They are a small company and they are passing their savings on to their customers.  Now that's not something that you see very often.

As I was talking with them they mentioned that they will be getting a new shipment in for the holidays and that they carry a large variety of knives.  These will make excellent Christmas gifts for the men in your lives. 

You can view some of their inventory at
If you have questions or to request ordering information you can contact them through email at or by phone at 601-455-2099 or 228-593-2102.  They currently accept payments through PayPal and cash. 

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