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Low Back Pain Program - Ebook Review

Low Back Pain Program
Low Back Pain Program
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I have a little more knowledge than I wish I did when it comes to low back pain.  My husband had been through 3 spinal fusions by the age of 25.  He had his first spinal fusion when he was 21.  He picked up a small piece of pvc pipe while he was at work.  It didn't weigh anything.  He just happened to pick up wrong and bulged the disc at L5-S1.  I think the neurosurgeon we were referred to needed some quick cash because there was no physical therapy, no steroid injections..there was a spinal fusion scheduled less than a week later.  3 days after the his first surgery PT was helping him out of bed when he felt a pop  in his back and the worst pain he had ever felt.  The following day was spinal fusion number 2.  They removed everything from the first fusion and started over.  The cage that held the bone graft had broken and the bone graft fragments had scattered.  The pain was from pieces of bone graft on his nerve.  They replaced everything and life went on.  Except it didn't get better.  Over the next 2 years he went from a healthy 21 year old man working on an oil rig to having to walk with a cane because he couldn't put weight on his left leg.  2 years of excruciating pain and pain medications, nerve conduction studies, physical therapy and pain management.  All of that ended when he found his current neurosurgeon.  I won't mention any names of the doctors.  I have nothing nice to say about his initial doctor and only sing praises of his current one.  His initial doctor told us that there was nothing else he could do.  He suggested that he see a psychologist because the pain was psychological.  He told us that he did the surgery, he knew what he was doing and he knew that the surgery was done correctly therefore there was no reason for him to be in this type of pain, if it wasn't psychological then it was nothing more than a low tolerance to pain.  Needless to say I was beyond angry.  That was when we found his current surgeon.  We went to the consult with the xrays, mri's, and nerve conduction studies that his initial doctor had ordered months before.  Within minutes we learned that my husband needed surgery because he had what was called a nonunion.  His bone graft had not healed, his disc had been removed and there was bone on bone in that area.  Once in surgery he found several issues.  The screws holding the rod in place in his spine were crooked and were fracturing his pelvis.  There was also a large piece of bone graft lodged beneath his nerve.  He now has permanent nerve damage because this went untreated for so long.  There isn't any repairing this now. 

I'm sure you can understand why I don't dare grace the door of a doctor's office when my back hurts.  It hurts often and I know exactly why. I have a 2 year old with Sotos Syndrome.  I carry a 2 year old all day that is the size of a 5 year old.  She weighs about 5 pounds less than her 6 year old brother.  Think back to when your children were 2 and how often you carried them.  Now think back to how much your 5 year old weighed.  Imagine combining the two.  Bet your back hurts just from the thought of it.  I have my back care routine.  2 Aleeve, a hot bath and a heating pad.  It doesn't cure it but it does make it feel better.  I tried doing a little yoga to strengthen my core but who really has time for all of that?!

I came across the opportunity to review a book several weeks ago that details ways to ease lower back pain.  When I saw it I instantly thought of my husband.  Using it for my back never crossed my mind.  I downloaded the book, read it and called him in the living room to cure all of his pain.  What I didn't consider was that titanium rod in his back that prevents him bending and stretching and doing many things.  I often forget that many things designed to treat back pain are intended to prevent people from dealing with the hell also known as back surgery.  He then had the brilliant idea that I go through the book. 

I know that my muscles are tight.  I had a visit with physical therapy a few months ago when I was having muscle spasms in my back and his exact words were "wow your muscles are tight".  I am known for not liking to be touched which is why massages are out and why physical therapy lasted for a total of 1 visit. 

The first section of exercises listed is limited mobility exercises.  These exercises are used to relieve tension and lengthen tight muscles and joints.  They also help to re-align joints while improving range of motion and stimulate flexibility.  This is not an easy step.  I know from my visit to physical therapy that I have tension and tight muscles and my first attempt at these exercises only reminded my of just how tight they are.  I have been doing these exercises for several weeks now and I am making progress but it is a long, slow progress.  I haven't progressed from step 1 yet.  I am taking it slow because I can see results.  I don't want to rush it.  Over the past few weeks I can feel that my back is beginning to become less tight.  I feels more open and my muscles don't feel as if they are always clenched. 

This book has a total of 5 sections. I have read the entire book on more than one occasion.  My husband and daughter went through many rounds of physical therapy and I recognize several of these exercises from hours spent there and from their homework assignments.  I do not claim to be an expert in back pain but I have many years of experience dealing with it in my family.  It is made very obvious through the writing of this book that the author is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of lower back pain and the treatment of it through exercise.  This book is very well written with simple and easy to follow, detailed instructions explaining how to perform each exercise.  The author explains what the goal of each set of exercises is so the reader knows exactly what to expect. 

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to try this book.  I plan to continue doing the exercises and hope to see even more improvement. I believe this is an exceptional conservative approach to treating non-severe back pain.  If you are interested in learning more about this program you may do so by visiting here.

 I am not suggesting that anyone avoid seeing their doctor if they are experiencing pain.  There are some conditions that can not be treated in a conservative manner and that may be worsened by doing so.  If you are experiencing pain you should consult your doctor.  You should consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.  This post is not to be considered medical advise.  These statements are the sole opinion of the writer only.

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