Thursday, October 30, 2014

Natural Zest 5-HTP - Review

Natural Zest 5-HTP
Natural Zest 5-HTP
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Wouldn't it be amazing if we woke up one day to a natural dietary supplement that treats sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, migraines, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, PMS, ADHD and several other medical conditions?  What if I told you that supplement already exists and it is called 5-HTP?

I was recently presented with the opportunity to review Natural Zest 5-HTP.  I am always very cautious about what types of medications and supplements that I take.  I take a few medications daily so I always check for interactions.  I also have frequent headaches that are often triggered by medications. I am a bit of a nerd in a way.  I like to research and I like to know the way things work.  Before I take any type of medication or supplement I always do my homework. 

Prior to this review offer I was unaware of 5-HTP.  I will admit that I have actually learned a lot since starting this adventure.  I started this thinking it was going to be a fun little hobby and it has turned into a lot of work but I am really enjoying the opportunity to learn about new things and the chance to share them with my readers. 

5-HTP works by increasing the production of serotonin in the brain and central nervous system.  Serotonin affects so much in our bodies.  It is believed that serotonin plays an important role in depression, insomnia, obesity, mood disorders and countless other conditions.  Given this information you can see why 5-HTP is an excellent natural and inexpensive option for people suffering from these and many other conditions.

Several trials have found that daily used of 5-HTP can improve symptoms of depression.  Additional studies have shown that 5-HTP appears to improve symptoms of fibromyalgia including pain severity, morning stiffness and sleeplessness. (WebMD)

 After researching 5-HTP I was very impressed and couldn't wait to try this supplement. I was told by 2 doctors that I have fibromyalgia.  I didn't like that diagnosis so I'm currently with my 3rd doctor.  I have issues with sleeping and by that I mean I don't sleep.  I  have some "mood" issues but that's just the don't sleep cranky  mood. So, as you can tell I am the poster child for this supplement :)

Once the supplement arrived, I began taking them that night.  They are the size of an average capsule.  They don't have a strong smell or taste, it's just an average, normal capsule.  The dosage is 2 capsule daily.  I'm very sensitive to new things so I did 1 capsule for the 1st two days.  I didn't have any type of a reaction to them, that is just something that I always do when I start any kind of new medication because I know how I sometimes react.  The first 2 days was fairly normal for me.  On day 3 I started taking 2 daily.  I did notice that I had more energy throughout the day.  I wasn't hyper or anything.  I just felt good.  I didn't even really notice it until the end of the day when I looked up and noticed I had cleaned more than usual.  That night I laid down and went to sleep around midnight.  Most people would say that's not so great but it's usually around 2-4 before I manage to get to sleep. 

It's only gotten better since then.  I haven't had a burst of energy like you get from a diet pill. I haven't crashed at the end of the day.  I just feel good.  These supplements really are the real deal.  I sleep better than I have in years.  I am amazed at the difference I felt after only just a few days.  The change was drastic.  I didn't have to wait weeks to see results. 

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  1. Maybe I need to try this. Then I wouldn't be up on the internet at 3am.

  2. Maybe these are something I need to look into for my sleep patterns and my anxiety! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I've been taking these as well and I love how to work. I've only been taking one and I don't think I need to increase it to two so I'm going to stay at one. I'm sleeping so much better.

  4. These sound awesome thank you for sharing :) This is something i def have to try