Thursday, October 2, 2014

No, No, No, No, No, Yes. - Ebook Review

No, No, No, No, No, Yes. Insights From a Creative Journey: Motivation & Self-Improvement (Creative & Innovation series Book 1)

I really enjoy reading books that make you think.  I'm fascinated by psychology and am pretty good at reading people.  That gives me an advantage in many situations...except for my current situation.  Pitching companies via email is not the easiest.  Some people enjoy it because there is no pressure, you don't have the face to face meeting or the nerve wrecking phone call. You simply type up a nice little email and hit send, it's as easy as that.  Not doesn't give you the benefit of meeting the person.  You can't read what mood they are in or their reaction to something you say.  You can't alter your conversation to reflect what they are projecting through an email. For me, that makes it harder.

I've been doing a lot of pitches lately.  Everyone knows that you get 10 no's for every 1 yes.  That's just how it is in business..especially when you are cold pitching.  You have to grow tough skin and realize it's nothing personal and that you don't royally suck at what you are doing.

I'm fairly good at that.  I don't break down in tears with every rejection but after 2 days of no's and not a single yes you start to wonder.  And that's where this book comes in.  I wasn't ready to close my laptop and give up..I just needed 1 yes to motivate me to keep going.  Well, after reading this book I am all fired back up again.  No doesn't mean no.  No means try again.  No means that what you did didn't work this time but that doesn't mean it can't work at all.  You have to keep trying.  Make little changes, get creative, research, put all of you into it and eventually you will get a yes.  It may not be tomorrow or next week.  Everyone may not tell you yes but eventually you will see the big yes. 

This book really held my interest.  Anyone in sales, marketing, blogging, any one that pitches companies, will greatly benefit from reading this book.  It certainly restores your motivation and drive to continue. 

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