Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Giant and the Dwarf Ebook - Review

I have always said that a good book is a book that you can relate to.  I think I say that every time I review a book.  It's true, or at least it is for me.  There is no better book than one that you can dive into and get lost.  One that you can completely understand the characters and their feelings because you have been there.  Things get a little harder when you can relate to the book because you see your children in it.
I worry about my kids constantly. I am what you would call a crazy, paranoid mom.  I worry about Ainsley for the obvious reasons, her health issues.  I worry about the older ones because of Ainsley's health issues.  I understand that it is hard on kids to go from being a care free kid one minute to being the sibling of a sick child and I know that it doesn't get any easier on them as they get older.  I have spent years teaching my children that special needs kids are just like them except that they may have a harder time doing some things.  Cheyanne came home and told me that a child with special needs asked her for help at school one day and that it was something she couldn't help her with so she went to the teacher and whispered to her that the child needed some help.  She said she didn't want to say it out loud in class because she didn't want the other kids to hear and the child that needed help to be embarrassed that she couldn't do it. She said some kids make fun of her and she didn't want them to.  I was proud of her for doing that.  She tried to help her and when she couldn't she found someone  that could.  I think my older ones are more understanding of what these children go through because of Ainsley.
I have a temper.  I don't tolerate anyone being negative to a person with special needs.  I am not afraid to put someone in their place if I see them doing it and that is rubbing off on my kids.  Cheyanne has told me on several occasions that she would kick some butt if anyone were ever mean to Ainsley because of her medical conditions.  Chris is still young, he doesn't understand that she is any different than anyone else.  He had 2 special needs kids in his preschool class, both used walkers.  He had never spent any time around any disabled children prior to that and I wasn't sure how he would respond.  I figured he would come home with lots of questions.  I was very happy when he didn't.  He came home after the first week and told me that one of those little boys was his best friend.  He never asked what was wrong with him, he just said that his legs needed help, he loved him and he was his very best friend.  I love how accepting and loving they are at that age.  I wish everyone was as understanding as a 5 year old.  I know my kids will grow up and keep that attitude.
As I read this book I kept thinking that it's like this book was written to me.  It describes a boy with a younger sister that has special needs.  It tells how he defended her when they were children and the feelings that they had towards each other as adults.  It described in detail my biggest fears..that Ains would grow up and be jealous of the older kids for not having struggles and that they older kids would be resentful of her because of her struggles and the way they have affected their lives.
I consciously work every day to make sure that they don't feel that way.  But as a parent you will always fear every single thing that could be.  I'm glad that I read this book.  I think it will be one that I keep around for the older kids to read when they are a little older.  I feel that it would be an excellent book for parents and sibling of special needs kids to read.
I read other reviews on this book and it was like we read two completely different books. I think that it has a different meaning to someone that does not relate to this first hand.  This book was very well written. It is written in a way that allows the reader to find their own meaning. 
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