Friday, November 21, 2014

11 Watt S14 Bulbs Pack of 20 by Brillante - Review

11 Watt S14 Bulbs Pack of 20 by Brillante
11 Watt S14 Bulbs by Brillante
Who uses light bulbs?  I'm willing to bet that everyone reading this has used a light bulb at some point and will indeed be using light bulbs in the future.  I am also willing to bet that you are likely using a light bulb at this very moment.  Light bulbs are like electricity, we can't live without them but hate paying for them. 

I recently received the opportunity to review the 11 Watt S14 Bulbs Pack of 20 by Brillante which are available on Amazon.  So, I will admit I am not an expert on light bulbs.  These bulbs are marketed as replacement bulbs for signs and commercial string lights.  Well, as your average consumer I do not have any commercial string lights or signs around my home BUT I do own several ceiling fans and lamps.  I can remember my first lamp.  I didn't read the instructions.  Who reads the instructions on a lamp?  Well, I do now.  Lamps and ceiling fans actually require a lower watt bulb that a regular light fixture.  I learned this after I used a high watt bulb in a lamp and ended up with a melted lamp shade.  Thankfully there was no fire. 

I currently use these bulbs in the lamps that are on my bedside tables.  The light is bright enough to light the room for reading or getting up during the night but is also dim enough not to disturb the other person that is sleeping.  I also have these in the ceiling fans throughout our home.  With multiple bulbs in each fan these bulbs provide ample light in even large rooms.

These bulbs are designed for indoor and outdoor use.  They are perfect for use in outdoor decorations for the holiday. They are securely packaged to ensure there is no damage during shipping.  These bulbs are very durable.  I dropped 2 while I was installing them and they did not break.  Both times I dropped them in areas there are not carpeted.  I expected them to break and was very surprised when they didn't. 

These bulbs are marketed for commercial use and are an affordable alternative to Edison style bulbs. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product you may do so by visiting their Amazon listing here.

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