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Four Mothers by Shifra Horn - EBook Review

Four Mothers by Shifra Horn
Four Mothers by Shifra Horn
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I recently received the opportunity to read and review the book Four Mothers by Shifra Horn.  I will admit I am far from a book critic.  I am not a professional and I certainly don't claim to be.  I would never insult someone's writing.  I simply read the book and give my opinion on it.  Some times I really enjoy the books and some times I don't.  That doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good or bad book. It's just simply means that it is something that I personally did or did not enjoy.  I say that because I always read reviews before I pick up a book.  Well, unless it's John Grisham.  I'm slightly obsessed with him.  It's a very small amount..hardly even worth a restraining order.  Anyway, I have read reviews that just dog out writers and then I have bought the book just because I felt horrible for them after reading the review...and actually enjoyed the book.  I say all of that to say this.  Books are hard to review..probably the hardest thing ever!  I stay so busy with other things that it takes me weeks to finish reading it and then reviewing it without giving away the entire story..goodness its hard lol.  Just because a certain book isn't something that I find interesting doesn't mean it isn't a great book or that someone else wouldn't completely love it!

I just finished up Four Mothers by Shifra Horn.  The good thing about doing book reviews is that it has gotten me out of my comfort zone.  I have not been offered one John Grisham book to review...that's my comfort zone.  I have really enjoyed the time spent reading some different types of books.  I have read several books that I doubt I would have if I weren't doing reviews.  This is one of those books.  This book takes place in Israel and discusses the struggles of 5 generations of women.  It goes into great detail describing a family whose women are cursed.  It speaks of wealth, poverty, fame, fortune.  It is actually very inspiring.  It shows how no matter what the women of the family have survived and prospered through it. 

It is a rather long book. I think that going into such detail is part of what makes the book so interesting.  It allows you to get to know each of the women and have a connection with them.  I normally wouldn't have chosen this type of book but I am so happy that I did take time to ready it. I would certainly recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading. 

If you are interested in reading this book you may download an E-version through their Amazon listing here.

Here is a short description from their Amazon listing:

The tale of Four Mothers captivates readers with fantastic characters, magical events, foreign colors and scents while telling the story of a dynasty of women cursed to raise their daughters on their own.
This is a vibrant first person recounting of matriarchal dynasty with rich strong women who pass their material and spiritual legacy on from one generation to the next.
The last woman in the line, Amal, documents the wisdom of her female predecessors from the beginning of memory. The family has known riches and fame as well as poverty and bad fortune, but women have always survived, and prospered.
The epic drama echoes the wondrous realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and demonstrates a talent for lavish details. The realistic yet fantastic style and story question the cultural inferiority and oppression of women as well as the role of the family curse within contemporary Israeli society.
The story depicts Jerusalem from the end of the 19th century to present day, covering the Turkish and British rule over the ancient city. At the same time it presents an alternative, personal perspective to the history of Jerusalem over the past century.
The colorful and rich work presents a precise historiography of the period from woman’s viewpoint.

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