Saturday, November 15, 2014

Christmas, Fishing and Customer Service - Willette Works

Willette Works Custom Plastic Fishing Baits
Willette Works Custom Plastic Baits
I am what some would call an expert on fish.  Let's talk fish for a moment.  There is fried fish, broiled fish, baked fish, grilled fish, fileted fish..this reminds me of shrimp and Forrest Gump.  Ok, I am an expert at ordering fish at an restaurant.  Fishing..yeah, I know nothing about that.  I am told by the husband that it is peaceful, relaxing, fun... To me it is hot, boring and I get mosquito bites. I have nothing against fishing though. I certainly enjoy the time that the husband spends fishing with the boy child.  It's my time to enjoy a small break and get in a little girl time. 

The husband and I don't usually have "Christmas gifts".  Every year I get him gifts for Christmas and then I end up giving them to him about 3 days after I get them.  By the time Christmas gets here he has nothing under the tree.  So far this year for Christmas he has gotten a new watch and fishing baits from Willette Works.  I am proud of myself for not giving him the watch yet.  UPS hasn't delivered it yet, but that little fact has nothing to do with it. 

As I said before, all I know about fish is how to order it at a restaurant.  I tried to cook some fresh fish at home one time.  It went ok.  Some of it was done..some of it was not so much.  It probably would have swam away if I put it in water.  I always get the hubby gifts that relate to things he enjoys doing, shooting wild animals with guns, shooting wild animals with bows, cooking previously stated wild animals over an open fire, catching wild fish with a stick (fishing pole)..this is starting to sound like we live in an episode of Little House On The Prairie.  I always manage to do great!  I take my time and research and I always end up purchasing things at businesses that are eager to help ignorant wives purchase the perfect gift for the man in their lives.  I also have the father in law that helps...sometimes a little too much ;) 

A couple of years ago I got him a new gun for Christmas.  I'm not sure what kind other than it's black and it kills deer.  Yep, I'm that kinda girl.  This year I didn't want to get him something else related to hunting.  I also didn't want to spend as much as I did that year.  Do not even ask me how much a gun's kinda ridiculous.  He doesn't fish a whole lot but he is always saying that he wants to fish more.  When I ask him why he doesn't he always has a reason.  He doesn't have the right bait or he doesn't want to go alone or 235 other reasons.  Well, the boy kid is now old enough to go with him and has a little interest in fishing which makes now a perfect time to invest in some fishing equipment! (Is it called equipment? Well, today it's equipment..don't judge) They have rods and reels so I was on a mission for bait.  Preferable the not alive kind because that's just eewy! I turned to my most reliable friend the Internet and Facebook and I somehow ended up at Willette Works. 

I don't know how I have ended up so lucky.  I guess God really does look out for fools.  I can't count the times I have walked in places and said that I have no clue what I need but here is what I want it to do and walked out with exactly what I needed and didn't get screwed over.  A few times I have ran into those jerks that want to take advantage of the ignorant little girl but not too often.  When I spoke with Willette Works I wasn't sure what response I would get to my usual I need something that does this but I don't know what it is. I am so happy to say that they were nothing but nice and helpful.  I gave them what I knew right off hand (which wasn't much) and after what I'm sure they thought was pulling teeth they were able to gather enough information to get me exactly what I need! 

After just a few days my husband's Merry Christmas happy present was in our mailbox.  I tried really hard to wait but who fishes in December?  I mean it's like really cold then so I of course gave it to him I always do.  He went crazy (Totally LOVED them)!  First he fussed because I spent way too much money (I just let him go with that, that means my Christmas gift will be that much bigger!!). They actually have amazing prices, which is what attracted me to them in the beginning!  Then he opened them and didn't seem to care at all if I spent a million dollars or not because he was so impressed and ready to go fishing at that very moment. Yes, I certainly won the wife of the year award!  This makes the 8th year in a row!  I can't take all of the credit.  I never would have been able to do it on my own!  The wonderful people at Willette Works certainly deserve the credit for not only producing an exceptional product but for taking the time and having the patience to help me make sure that my husband got the perfect gift!  I can't rate their products (my husband hasn't stopped bragging on them) since I am not so educated on fishing but I can certainly say that their customer service is beyond exceptional and that they are a pleasure to do business with. It's a great feeling when you find a company that you know you can trust.  It's also an amazing feeling when you learn that you are dealing with a small business that actually does care about each and everyone one of their customer's experiences. I have horrible luck.  I am like a magnet for crappy luck and when I actually experience something great with a company it really touches me.  It's just feels nice to know that you are more than a dollar sign to a business.

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  1. I always gave the gift early too lol. Thanks for sharing, these would make great Christmas gifts.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. We are so happy we were able to help find ones he loved.