Saturday, November 22, 2014

IPhone/Ipod Armband by i2 Gear - Review

IPhone/Ipod Armband by i2 Gear
IPhone/Ipod Armband by i2 Gear

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Ok, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I don't do the exercise thing.  I have in the past.  I actually used to really enjoy running.  That was 3 kids and a jacked up knee ago.  Now, I am happy to get my 29 year old butt (just go along with me being 29) up out of the bed without dislocating something.  There is also that lazy/time issue.  I am lazy and I don't have the time.  I figure in about 16 years when Ainsley goes off to college I will get back to the gym.  Until then I just stick with eating right.  Coffee for breakfast, chocolate for lunch, whatever I can cook in 30 minutes or less for dinner and chocolate for dessert.  I will admit I am not the best example when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. I constantly tell my kids do what I say, not what I do. 

I'm sure you can see why most would probably think I am not the best person to ask advice about a running armband.  But I AM always running.  I may not be running in the gym but I am running to the doctors office, dentist appointment, basketball practice, football game, laundry room, mowing the lawn, running errands, buying groceries, cleaning something, chasing dogs, searching for the cat, I am always running... I used to plug my phone into my external speaker and fill the entire house with my favorite Matchbox 20 songs on repeat as I cleaned.  That was before Ainsley.  Since her I have been walking around with my phone stuck in my back pocket and earbuds on.  There have been a few times that my phone nearly went swimming in the mop bucket.  Clearly not the most ideal situation. Imagine Miss Anti-Exercise owning and USING something related to exercising!! It's shocking!

This armband is compatible with the IPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S and IPod Touch 5.  It allows you to conveniently use your phone to listen to music and even text during workouts (or other activities) while also protecting it from moisture.  I worked for a cellular company for way too many years.  Water damage from sweat is a real thing and your warranty will NOT cover it.  The armband fits very comfortably and securely.  I have small arms and it does not feel loose at all.  It is very comfortable and the material does not irritate at all. I have even worn it for long periods without any discomfort.  After a little while I even forgot that it was there.  For those of you that do choose to exercise there is a convenient slot on the side for holding your home or car key.  It also comes in handy for holding a sucker for the 2 year old that likes to help you with whatever project you are working on :)

Seriously, this case is very nice.  It's extremely comfortable to wear and is very soft against the skin.  After a few weeks of use it still looks like new.  This armband is currently listed at $8.99 with free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers.  If you are interested in purchasing this product you can view their listing here.  You can also view other items available from i2 Gear by clicking here.

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