Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard - Review #bloggerbuzz #giftguide

Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard
Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard
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ROAR! There is a dinosaur at the door!!  Now, that's not something that you hear very often. 

I live in a house full of dinosaur nuts.  The boy kid has a hundred dinosaurs of varying sizes and the smallest girl kid is currently obsessed with Jurassic Park.  My life basically revolves around dinosaurs at this point.  I didn't think that there was a dinosaur toy that we didn't own until I saw the Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard.

We have dinosaurs that walk and dinosaurs that roar.  We certainly do not have a dinosaur that GUARDS!  This dinosaur is so stinking cool!  I have actually really enjoyed playing with it (don't tell anyone that).  First off, it doesn't just roar.  It is a room guard.  It has a motion sensor in it's chest.  When it is set to guard mode it roars when it detects movement!  It's a guard dinosaur!  How cool is that?! Perfect for keeping older sisters out of the little brother's personal space.  If you have kids like mine it can also be fun for scaring people.  An example would be hiding the dinosaur and waiting for someone (such as their mother) to walk by and finding it hilarious when she nearly kills herself jumping because of the unexpected roar.  Yeah, no one at MY house would do that...moving on. 

This dinosaur also has a slide projector in it's chest.  It comes with 3 slide disks showing many types of dinosaurs.  When the projector is turned on these are projected onto the wall.  You can focus the picture by moving the dinosaur's arm.  The slides are stored in a hidden compartment on the dinosaur's back.  I love that because small items tend to be lost in the bottom of toy boxes at our house.  The kids have really enjoyed looking at the slides of all of the different types of dinosaurs.  I like the educational possibilities, it keeps them curious about dinosaurs and holds their interest in learning more about them.  Another cool feature is that the projector has also doubled as a very cool nightlight in our son's room!  He enjoys falling asleep to the dinosaurs much better than just a plain light. 

To the kids it's the coolest dinosaur toy that they have ever seen.  To me it's a really cool toy that has reawakened their interest in learning about dinosaurs.  You have to love something that makes learning fun!  If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about the Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard you can visit their Amazon listing by clicking here.  You can view a video demonstration of the T-Rex Room Guard by clicking here.

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