Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rtgs Micro LED 60 Super Bright Warm White Color Indoor and Outdoor String Lights - Review

RTGS Micro LED 60 String Lights
RTGS Micro LED String Lights
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Light! More lights!  I have been on a light kick lately.  You can't help but talk about lights with Christmas right around the corner.  There are so many things to do with lights during this time of the year.  From your Christmas tree to your roof, lights are everywhere.  A few towns over there is a park that is covered in thousands of lights that we drive through every year.  It is so fun! There is also a house in town that has dancing lights.  The lights "dance" to music.  It's really cool!  Lights are awesome!

The RTGS Micro LED String Lights are pretty awesome also.  This is 20 feet of LED lights on an ultra thin wire.  I have had a blast reviewing these.  Craft projects and even decorating are so much easier with lights that are on a thin wire.  I always have the hardest time hiding the wire on our Christmas lights and I eventually give up trying.  With these lights, hiding the wire is super easier.  It is also very easy to work with while making small crafts because of the thin wire.  It is much smaller than the cord of traditional Christmas lights but is surprisingly very durable.  I have not been gentle with them.  The rugrats are amazed by them and I let them play with them for a few minutes.  At  one point child A had child B tied up with them.  It was actually rather cute until someone started screaming bloody point, if my kids can't break them..they can't be broken.

The lights themselves are waterproof.  This opens up a whole new world of uses for these lights.  The battery box is weather resistant but is not waterproof so some care will need to be taken with it around water.  The lights have an internal timer so you do not have to worry about turning them off/on daily.  The lights are actually much brighter than you would think.  They would make excellent lighting for a patio or porch area.

I have decided to use this strand for a DIY craft.  I have a general idea as to what I want to do but I haven't gotten all of the details down yet.  I just haven't seen that "this is it" project.  Here are a few that I like so far.

Mason Jar w/lights
Mason Jar w/Lights
Fairy Jar
Snow Globe
Snow Globe Terrariums

I like all 3 but I am drawn to the Snow Glob Terrariums the most.  I would love your opinion on which you think would be the best addition to my Christmas decorations.  Please comment with your favorite or if you have a suggestion for a DIY project that you feel would work great with the RTGS Micro LED String Lights.

If you are interested in purchasing the RTGS Micro LED String Lights you may do so through this link.  It will direct you to their Amazon listing.

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