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Rash Guard - Review #bloggerbuzz #giftguide

Rash Guard
Rash Guard
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I like finding good deals.  I actually spend a great deal of time looking for the best deals.  As a mother, I have learned that the best deal doesn't always have anything to do with the amount on the price tag, it can also be a combination of things.  There are 5 people in my house.  3 of those people are short and inherited their white-ness from me.  By white-ness I mean that we are basically transparent.  You can see our blood vessels through our skin because we are so white. We also burn after a total of 42 seconds in the sun.  We go through sunscreen like crazy...and sunscreen is NOT cheap.  Well, some types are but I prefer to buy the kind that is waterproof and lasts for hours.  I don't have the time or energy to reapply sunscreen to myself and 3 kids every 10 minutes. 

I recently received the Rash Guard men's shirt by Legend Rash Guard to review.  I must admit I was very interested in this shirt. 

A few basics:
This shirt is a compression shirt.  Compression wear is used to keep muscles warm and to prevent muscle strain and fatigue.  It is also used to pull sweat and moisture away from the body to prevent irritation and rashes.  It is a long sleeve rash guard that will protect all covered parts of the body from UV rays.  The shirts are designed to work perfectly for any physical activity, wet or dry. 
 These shirts are lightweight and extremely soft for extra comfort.  They are lightweight with a snug fit that allows for easy movement during even the most rigorous activities.

As I waited for the Rash Guard to arrive I wasn't sure what to expect.  The shirt fits very snug.  I ordered my husband's regular size.  It is a little tight, before ordering, it is best to view the sizing chart just to make sure that you are order the correct size since they seem to run a tad small.  The first thing I noticed about the shirt is how soft it is.  It's feels so nice that I was actually very tempted to steal it from my husband and just keep it for myself!  The first time that he used it outdoors was to do some weekend yard work.  He planned on being outside for most of the day and didn't want to worry with applying sunscreen.  He started with cleaning the pool and noticed that this shirt did not absorb water and become heavy.  It was dry within minutes of exiting the pool.  He spent the remainder of the day mowing and cleaning outside.  By the end of the day I expected to be burning the shirt because of the amount of sweat in it but it was surprisingly fairly dry.  His skin was also very dry under the shirt, even with the shirt being long sleeve.  It also did a wonderful job of protection him from the sun (without applying any expensive sunscreen).  He stated that the shirt was extremely comfortable to wear all day and was much easier and more comfortable to work in than the t-shirts that he normally wears.   Since it has gotten cooler he has also worn the Rash Guard under his shirts and it is very warm.  He hasn't needed to wear a coat when he has it on. 

This shirt is very well made and is so comfortable to wear.  The product description does not do it justice.  It is excellent for use during workouts and water sports but is also a great shirt for outdoor weekend work.  I believe even construction workers and other men that work outdoors full time would really find benefit in owning this Rash Guard.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about the Rash Guard you may do so by visiting their Amazon listing here.  You can also visit their Facebook page here.

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