Sunday, November 9, 2014

Packing Cubes by Dot&Dot - Review

Packing Cubes by Dot&Dot
Packing Cubes by Dot&Dot
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Hello, I am Melissa and I am addicted to all things related to organization.

I don't like looking for things.  I like everything to have it's place and to be in it's place.  With 3 kids that rarely happens but it doesn't change the fact that that's the way I like things to be.  With traveling, it has to be that way.  I don't like to fly.  Unless it is absolutely necessary I refuse to be thousands of feet above the ground breathing dirty, recycled air waiting to see if we crash to the ground to our fiery deaths.  I prefer to die on the ground minus the falling.  So, unless we rent a bus packing has to be condensed.  I attempt to get kids into one suitcase, adults into one and all of the extras into one.  The moment the suitcase is opened it becomes a scrambled mess of clothes. 

Until now.  Meet the packing cubes by Dot&Dot.  This set contains 4 large packing cubes.  Now packing is so much more organized.  Each child has their own cube filled with their clothes and all of the cubes fit neatly into their 1 large suitcase.  Now when the suitcase is opened there is no digging and throwing of clothes, each  child can see which cube belongs to them and can easily get to their clothes without disturbing the other person's clothes. 

These bags are large and hold so much!  They actually even save room in the suitcase.  They make going through security at the airport and unpacking a breeze.  You don't have to worry about clothes getting dirty from shoes that have been packed because they are protected by these well made bags.  It's so easy to pack a bag for clothes and another for bathroom items.  You can then just grab your bathroom bag and go. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product you may do so by visiting their Amazon listing.

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