Friday, November 21, 2014

Kiss InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler - Review

Kiss InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler
Kiss InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler

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I have naturally curly hair. I have amazing curls when my hair is wet. As it dries the curls begin to fade and the frizz begins to appear. No matter the amount of product that I put in my hair the frizz always manages to win the battle. That leaves me with blow drying my hair and then an hour of hair spray and a curling iron. It is an hour that I dread and that I really don't have to waste so I normally throw my hair in a pony tail and go.

I recently received the opportunity to review the Kiss InstaWave automatic curler and I was very excited to see if this product could cut down my curling time.

This curler is automatic. You simply place your hair against the rod, press the dial and your hair is automatically pulled onto the rod. It is tangle free and is not painful at all. It works easily for right and left handed individuals. The wand spins and easily alternates between spinning left and right to allow for natural looking waves and curls. There high setting allows for temperatures up to 420 degrees. There is an automatic shut off after 90 minutes which is a wonderful safety feature.

This curler is very simple to use and works wonderfully. To create loose beach waves simply leave the wand in your hair for around 5 seconds, for tighter curls around 10 seconds. To release your hair you simply pull the wand straight down.

This curler has made styling my hair much easier and faster. I can curl all of my hair in a fraction of the time that it took previously. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone interesting in a product used to create waves and curls. To learn more about this product you may visit their site at I have also created a demonstrational video of this product which can be viewed at

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