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The Ecology Works Anti-Allergy Solution - Review

The Ecology Works Anti-Allergy Solution
The Ecology Works Anti-Allergy Solution
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Raise your hand if you are allergic to everything!  (Everyone in my house just raised their hands.)  I never experienced ANY issues with allergies when I lived in Louisiana, once I moved to Mississippi I suddenly became allergic to everything.  I'm not saying that I'm allergic to Mississippi but..  I didn't sneeze nearly as much on the other side of the river.

We are allergic to cats, pollen, grass, dust..there are several more things.  I have a list.  Thankfully no food or medication allergies for the kiddos, just those pesky seasonal/pet allergies.  We have a cat.  I knew I am allergic to cats when we got the cat but I really wanted a cat...that's what they make Benadryl for anyway.  Had I known that all of the kids were allergic to cat dander also I probably would not have gotten a cat.  Have you ever tried to bathe a cat?  Try's something that you only try once.  Seriously..try it.  While you are doing it, have someone else video it and submit the video to our site.  We will then post them all and vote on which is the most entertaining ;)

Part of being allergic to everything is trying to keep all of those things out of the house.  That's impossible so we try to keep them out of the bedrooms and limit them throughout the rest of the house.  That means cleaning the return air filters twice a month, air filters in each of the vents in all of the bedrooms, allergy covers on beds and pillows, blinds instead of curtains, all bedding and curtains that we do have get washed weekly in hot water, no animals in the bedrooms, carpets get shampooed weekly, dusting twice a get where I am going with this.  Then we have Zyrtec, Singulair and Flonase..antibiotics every 6 weeks or so for a pesky sinus infection.  It's a pain in the bootay.

Well, I was presented with the chance to review The Ecology Works Anti-Allergy Solution recently.  It may have been a coincidence or they could have known that their product actually works great and that I would turn into a lifelong customer...50/50 chance on what happened here :)

The The Ecology Works Anti-Allergy Solution is non-toxic and safe to use around kids and pets.  It can be applied directly to most washable carpets, upholstery, bedding, linens and curtains.  Keep in mind that it is NOT intended to control fleas. 

This product can be used as a spray, used in hot water vacuum machines or in the washing machine.  I chose to use it in the washing machine and in my carpet cleaner.  The bottle gives detailed directions on how to use/mix the product for each of the uses.

I used the product during my weekly cleaning last week.  I cleaned my son's bed and washed his bedding with the The Ecology Works Anti-Allergy Solution since he seems to have the most severe allergies. (I think the cat sneaks in him room and sleeps on his bed during the day sometimes when he forgets to close his door).  I have since noticed a huge difference in the mornings when he gets up.  He usually wakes up stuffy and sniffing.  He has not had that issue since I washed his bedding and cleaned his bed with this solution.  It is almost time to clean it all again and I will certainly be using the The Ecology Works Anti-Allergy Solution again.  I am also planning to use it throughout the entire house.  I hope to see improvements as great as his in everyone else. 

If you are interesting in purchasing or learning more about The Ecology Works and the many product they offer, including the Anti-Allergy Solution, you can visit their site by clicking here.

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