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Universal CD Slot Cell Phone Mount for Smartphones - Review

Universal CD Slot Cell Phone Mount for Smartphones
Universal CD Slot Cell Phone Mount
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I am an exceptional driver.  I never speed. I keep my hands at 10 and 2.  I do not have road rage.  I obey all traffic laws and I always come to a complete stop at all stop signs.  I never take my eyes off the road.  I am certainly not dodging flying sippy cups and shoes as I am driving.  Ok, all of that was complete fiction.  But I don't text and drive.  I have in the past but I don't anymore. 

I used to have the most amazing little red 2 door car.  I called it my zoom zoom car.  I could take curves going 65 and dodge between cars during rush hour in Jackson with no problem. It was the best. I had so much fun driving that car.  It was like I was on a Nascar track every time I got into it.  Add a few kids to the picture and then comes the mom truck.  The top heavy soccer mom truck that doesn't take curves at 65 and is nearly as long as an 18 wheeler.  Not nearly as fun to drive but it's functional.  I can haul a soccer team, a month supply of groceries and a few bodies if necessary. 

I'm one of the lucky few that received a recall letter.  I wont call any names but I'm sure you can guess who sent it.  It basically stated that we suggest you take all precautions available to avoid a head on collision because in the even that you are in one there is a high possibility that your airbags will not deploy and you will die. Thank you and have a nice day.  It didn't say exactly that, I'm paraphrasing just a little bit.  Oh, and there was a PS, we don't have the necessary part in stock to repair it..good luck out there.  Once again, paraphrasing.  So last week my truck was stolen, I mean in the shop.  It's easy to confuse the two because a task that was meant to take 24 hours took 5 days.  I almost called the FBI but my husband said that may be frowned upon.  Anyway, amazingly once my vehicle was recovered..I mean picked up the air bag was not repaired because it would have required leaving it for another day or two.  That just wasn't feasible so I left with my deathtrap, I mean truck..I am going somewhere with this..  Well, until it is repaired I have been being extra cautious so I don't die. 

The one thing that I can't live without while I am in the car is my music.  Not the free radio as my kids call it and not XM, my music that's on my phone.  My vehicle is not as advanced as my husband's.  I have to do the old fashioned connecting my phone to the stereo with an aux cable and then select my music on the screen of the phone.  Imagine 5 years kids are going to look at us like we are nuts when we say aux cable like they do now when we say cassette tape.  I don't even want to know what is going to be after Bluetooth.  I know fiddling with my phone and finding music while I am driving isn't the safest option but in my defense I can do it from memory so I really never have to look down.  The only time I really ever look down at my phone is when it rings, to see who is calling.  I have Bluetooth in my truck when I talk but habit kicks in and I grab my phone to see who is calling.  My phone is always in my cup holder beside my seat plugged into my aux cable and charger. 

I have looked at vehicle mounts in the past in an attempt to be safer while driving but never found one that I liked.  The ones that I have found in the past always stuck to the dash with a giant sticker that was basically impossible to remove and I did not want to ruin my dash.  I'm sure it wouldn't really kill my trade in value but I don't want to chance it plus I just don't like the look of this huge cell phone holder right in the middle of my dash.  It doesn't look nice and it also blocks my view.  I like my dash to be clear.  I recently came across the Universal CD Slot Cell Phone Mount for Smartphones and to be honest, I almost passed it up.  I just assumed it would be like all of the other mounts.  I am so glad that I didn't. This mount isn't like any other mount that I have seen in the past.

This mount attaches easily to the CD slot in any vehicle.  The best part about it attaching here is that it doesn't require any sticky pads.  It makes it very simple to remove and it is in the perfect location for me to glance over if my phone rings and easily see who is calling.  I can also use my CD player while the mount is being used.  If I want to change the CD or take the mount to our other vehicle I simply press the eject button and the mount is released.  It is very simple to put my phone inside of the mount and is just as easy to remove it.  It sits very securely in the mount and I have not experienced any issues with it being loose or falling out.  The mount has two swivel legs on the bottom for the phone to sit on that are perfectly located.  I am able to adjust the leg to allow for my aux cord and charger to fit into their slots.   I love that I can continue to use it when I get a new phone or vehicle.  I hate buying products that are designed for one specific model because I end up having to replace it after only a few months.  My husband and I have different model/size IPhones and both fit perfectly in this mount.  I put a friend's Galaxy in it just to see if it would work and it also fit perfectly. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product you may do so by visiting their Amazon listing here.

I want to demonstrate just how easy this mount is to install and use.  I will be uploading a video demonstration tomorrow showing how to use it and will add a link to this post.  Please check back and let me know what you think!

As promised here is the YouTube video showing how simple it is to install this mount. 

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