Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The big day is finally here!  The Apple Event.  The Christmas Day of the tech world.  The day that people are glued to the television and internet waiting to see what the big secret is. 

I'm not impressed.  What more can a you expect from a phone?  We can already pay bills, control our home security system, program our refrigerator and television, crank  our vehicles, and 436 other things that just confuse me.  What is left?? 

I'm not into the tech world.  I don't get excited about the latest and greatest devices.  I suppose my age is catching up to me.  I miss the simplicity of texting and talking.  A day before your phone beeped and you grabbed it to see if you got a text, call, email, Facebook notification, Snapchat, Instagram, Google+ message or emergency notification.  There have been several occasions that I heard my phone go off and I have yet to figure out what it was.  I'm sure I have pissed someone off by ignoring them when the truth is I just can't figure out how to work it all.

So, as for the big surprise.  I have my guesses.  They are never as big as the hype surrounding them.  My predictions: a new IPhone that is 2/3 of a centimeter larger than the IPhone 5 and weighs 2 ounces more.  They probably moved a button over about 1/10th of an inch and added a camera that is a little better but not enough of a change that you can tell a difference in the photos.  As far as the big white box...I think it's full of balloons. 100's of balloons that they will release at the unveiling.

Seriously, I have no clue what's going to happen at the unveiling.  I didn't even know this was happening today until I heard about it on the news this morning.  Whatever it is, I'm sure that one of my kids will die if they don't get it the moment it is released.  Maybe Apple will surprise us all and release a new phone that puts all of the competition to shame.  I'm not sure what new features are left to add but if anyone can shock us it is Apple.


  1. I'll be completely honest & say that I would love to have this new phone! I don't like that my iPhone is green! They were out of stock of the white ones when we got out 5c's, but thankfully, until I can afford the new one, I have my Otterbox, which is black & has my blog name on it!

    I have seen "spoiler" videos, and I'm not entirely sure how accurate they are, but the new iPhone 6 is supposed to have dual screens & also be a quad core & able to play video games with very little lag! (this is a BIG plus for my husband...He's a game reviewer)

    1. I have the blue one. I thought it was cute when I first got it but now I am regretting getting a color. I miss my white one lol. The 6 does look cool. I didn't look at it too much since I know there is no way I will get it...it won't be long before a teenager runs in here screaming about how the world will end if she doesn't have one the moment they are released.