Friday, September 19, 2014

Pure Raspberry Keytones - Review

I recently received the Pure Raspberry Ketones to review.  I have heard a lot about using this product for weight loss and I recently saw that Dr Oz supports this.  Before accepting any review for medication I always do some research, just to be sure that it's safe and doesn't interact with any medication that I take regularly.  I was happy to see that there no interactions listed and that any possible side effects are minor.
Armed with that information I accepted the review offer and ordered the ketones.  Taking a pill is much more pleasant than the many drink options that are currently very popular.  If it doesn't taste good I can't drink it..even if I would lose 25 pounds in a day, I can't drink something that I don't like.  I was happy to see that the pills are on the small side.  I take allergy medication that is rather large and I prefer medication that is smaller.  The first day or two I didn't notice much of a change.  I didn't expect it to have an instant effect but I was also watching closely just to make sure that I didn't have any adverse reactions.  I haven't experienced any side effects from this product.  I did start to have more energy after 2 -3 days.  I also noticed that I was not as interested in snacks and Cokes.  My water intake increased and I didn't crave sweets. 
I haven't been taking the pills for a long period..just a couple of weeks.  I still have more energy than I did prior to starting them.  I have lost a couple of pounds.  It's not a product that will make you lose a drastic amount of weight in a short time but it does help you to lose a few extra pounds every couple of weeks.  It has also helped me improve my eating habits since I no longer crave junk food.
I am satisfied with the results that I have seen so far with this product.  I am going to continue to use it over the next several weeks because I have began to see positive results.  If you are interested in purchasing this product you can do so by visiting

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