Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Will Fight Til My Last Breath For My Kids But..

I would do anything for my kids.  If they are wronged they know that their mother will move mountains to make things right.  The downside to that is that the 13 year old doesn't tell me every little thing because she knows I will go completely crazy on someone.  That's what parents do..

On the other hand, I will be the first to correct my kids. I don't automatically take their side. If they are in the wrong I let them know and then they work to correct their mistakes.  I have told them from the time that they started school that I will be there for them through anything but if they get their butt kicked for being hateful then that's on them.  I'm a tough love kind of parent.  I don't think shielding them from the world teaches them anything and I certainly believe that there are consequences to every action and the sooner they learn that the easier their lives will be.

Mine are still fairly young.  They aren't at the age that I have to worry about stupid Facebook posts, naked photo Snapchats and the dreaded boyfriend/girlfriend days.  I still have it easy.  I know that time is getting very close but I don't want to even think about it.

Recently a student at Germantown High School was transferred to alternative school.  His family has since filed a lawsuit for a whopping $400k against the district because he was denied his right to an education and free speech.  They are upset and devastated that their son took 1 semester of Spanish at Germantown and language classes are not available at alternative school.

Did I fail to mention why this young man is at alternative school in the first place?  This young man received a photo on his cell phone from a female student at his school.  This young girl sent a nude photo of herself to several other students.  Major mistake on her part however, this young man decided the best thing to do was to create an Instagram account titled Whores of Germantown on which he then posted the photo. 

The family feels that their suit is legit because the student handbook did not specify that this action is prohibited.  How dare the school not list every single thing that a student could possibly think of doing.  We should rely fully on the handbook provided at the beginning of the school year instead of taking responsibility for our children's actions and correcting them.  By doing this these parents are basically condoning the actions of their son.  Yes, the girl involved was wrong for sending the photo in the first place but that doesn't mean that she deserved to have it posted on the internet for the entire world to see.

The parents of this boy should be thankful.  Their son could have and maybe possibly still will be charged with a list of CRIMES including distribution of child pornography.  They think missing 1 year of Spanish class will ruin his life?  Being labeled as a sex offender will probably have a larger impact than not being able to speak Spanish, and if they are so upset about that then buy him Rosetta Stone and move on.  As far as his free speech rights..that's a joke, right?  Their son has the right to post naked pictures of classmates online without their permission?  I'm all for free speech but I can't imagine standing in front of the court house with my sign saying I should be able to post naked photos of anyone I want online. 

If that were my son he wouldn't have to worry about going to alternative school.  He wouldn't have to worry about leaving his room for a very long time.  For starters, he would understand that what he did could have ruined the life of another person, that people have committed suicide over less than this and then he would be busting his ass doing everything possible to try and bring a small amount of peace to this poor girl's life.  After that he would be going to every high school that would allow him and talking to the students about what he did and how it can ruin the lives of everyone involved.  I can't see his education or ability to speak Spanish being anywhere near the front of my mind...I would be more concerned with the type of person that I was raising, with his complete disregard and disrespect for females.  If my son even called a girl a whore it wouldn't be pretty at my house.

These parents need to understand what their son did was not just teenage fun and games.  I'm sure if this happened to their daughter they would have a different opinion.  I am not saying the girl is completely innocent in this but she did NOT deserve what happened because she made 1 dumb decision.  This boy's parents need to take this as seriously as it is and teach their son some respect for females. 

I will defend and fight for my kids til my last breath if need be..but I won't blindly defend them when they mess up.  I will not raise children that are disrespectful and uncaring.

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