Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Art Display - For The Craft Skills Challenged

I woke up one morning and decided that the playroom needed some work.  It looked more like a room crammed full of toys than a playroom.  It just looked junky and not kid friendly.  I wanted something more organized, everything divided into groups.  Kitchen stuff in one place, blocks in another.  No more digging through 5 toy boxes to find the one missing piece to a game. 

I spent the day cleaning, organizing and tossing broken toys.  Everything had a place and it looked so neat, but still not like a playroom.  It now looked like an organized room full of toys.  I still couldn't figure out what would make it more kid friendly. 

I sat down and turned to Pinterest..Pinterest always has the answer.  I went through pages and pages of playroom photos.  I was not in the mood to start a big project so painting was out.  I finally found a pin that I loved, a playroom that was decorated with the kid's art work.  I had several of their painting framed and hanging in the playroom but it just wasn't the look I wanted. I wanted something "kid" looking and I finally found it. 

Simple right?  Even I can paint a board and hot glue some clothes pins to it.  I dug around and found a few pieces of molding, clothes pins and some left over paint from other projects.  I would have preferred that the boards be bigger...maybe like a 2x4, but I didn't have any around the house and I was not about to go anywhere.  I spray painted a light coat of paint on all of the boards and clothes pins. I did a different color on each.  I didn't use a lot of paint because I like that the wood grain still shows through the paint. Once it all dried, I hot glued the clothes pins on the boards and hung them all up. 
I'm not creative and I have NO crafts skills but I managed to make this and I think it turned out ok.  I think it's a cute and simple way to display the kid's masterpieces.  It's so much easier to update than removing frames and changing out photos.  I can remove all of the paintings and add new ones in just a few seconds. 

I love finding simply craft projects that even I can't mess up.  What's your favorite simple project?


  1. I love this! Come organize my kids room!!!

  2. I would love to! Organizing is so much fun to me. I know I'm weird :)

  3. You forgot the link hahaha , you always add a link for us to find it :) hint hint

  4. I'm sorry! I saw a picture of one and kind of did it from sight. I did find a link with instructions on how to do it thought. I added it below :)