Friday, September 19, 2014

God Sent Me An Angel

I believe in God.  I believe everything happens for a reason from the smallest of things to the largest of things. I believe in angels.  I believe prophets are old testament and no longer walk the Earth.  I believe that they were created to spread the word of God during the time prior to Jesus being born. I believe that they no longer exist because we have history to look back on and know that God does exits.  I believe that we are near the end of times.  I believe that we are where we are because, as a whole, we have lost sight of God.  I believe that in an attempt to be accepting and politically correct we have lost our way.  I believe in true love.  I believe in miracles and I believe that we should be thankful for every day, no matter how bad, because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

I'm not perfect.  I'm sure that some things I believe are incorrect.  I tend to have a temper and sometimes "lose my religion" and not so nice things come racing  out of my mouth like Niagra Falls.  I thing I am a good person.  I help people when I can and I pray constantly through out the day.  Sometimes I just sit and have a conversation with God in my head.  Wouldn't life be so much easier if occasionally he just said in a loud booming voice exactly what we need to do?

Tonight we took the kids to McDonald's and let them play in the indoor play area.  Nothing special, just a fun little outing for them.  Something that I thought would be totally uneventful and not stick out in my memory from now on. 

Tonight I met an angel.  As I sat in the play area of McDonald's in McComb, MS I met a real live angel in flesh and blood.  I really believe that this woman is an angel sent straight from Heaven to spread God's word and love.  Maybe some of you have met her, Shamika Tobias. 

As we sat in the play area the kids were running around and playing, actually being on their best behavior.  Ms Shamika walked up to Brandon and I and started talking.  She told us that there was a time that we thought we would lose Ainsley and that we can stop worrying because she is going to lead a long happy life.  She told us that we don't need to worry.  She told us so many things that it would take me all night to list them all.  We were both in shock.  How could a woman that we just met know so much about us?  How could she know Ainsley was so sick?  Looking at Ains now, she looks like a healthy, normal child.  How did this woman know that there was a time that I was worried Ainsley would never start to walk??  I could barely speak, I was nearly in tears and I managed to ask her how she knew this.  She said that she is a prophetess.  I don't believe she is a prophetess for reasons I stated before...I believe that she is truly an angel sent from above.  We sat there and talked for nearly an hour.  She told me everything I was worried about, everything I want, nearly every detail of my life.  She told me that I am a great mother and that God gave us Ainsley for a reason and that he knew we would be able to handle any issue that she has. She told me to stop worrying because that is a waste of time.  At the end of our conversation she told me that she knows that I don't sleep, which I don't..I never sleep, it's not stress or worry, I just don't sleep.  She told me that tonight I would, that I would have better rest than I ever have. 

I'm still amazed.  I know that she was sent to speak to us for a reason.  I told Brandon when we left that I really needed to hear what she said and I did.  I've been in a rut lately and I needed a little boost in my faith, a person to remind me that I don't have to worry about everything and that God will never give you more than you can handle.

God sent me an angel, on the very day that I needed one the most, God sent an angel.  Maybe instead of a loud booming voice he sent a soft spoken amazing woman to point me down the right path.

As we were leaving we exchanged phone numbers.  She said that she sends out little messages to people every few days just reminding them to keep the faith.  I am so very thankful that we decided to take the kids out for a happy meal.  The smallest decisions that you make can have the biggest impact on your lives.

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