Friday, September 26, 2014

Cellulite with Retinol & Caffeine and Body Firming Cream - Review

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I totally do NOT have cellulite. Well, ok...maybe a little.  Fine, I have happy now??  I'm not ashamed..I have seen the pre-Photo Shop celebrity pictures.  If a super model can have cellulite and run around in a bikini why should I be ashamed?  I like chocolate and not exercising too much to worry about any fat or curves.  And curvy is the new skinny..right??

Well, curvy may be the new trend BUT it's more of a smooth curvy..not cottage cheese thighs.  Yep, I went there.  I'm not saying that only tight and toned women are beautiful.  If you are happy in your skin then you ARE beautiful no matter what any magazine, trend or person says. 

I'm not unhappy with my appearance.  Well, at the moment I  am but that's because I just rolled out of bed and haven't even brushed my hair today.  I have that 10 pounds that everyone wants to lose and a few spots that I would like to firm up but it doesn't bother me enough to drop the candy bar I am currently eating for breakfast.  FYI..chocolate comes from cocoa which comes from a bean which makes it a vegetable plus it has milk and egg in it which are totally on the food pyramid..don't judge me.

I consider myself tall and have a small frame.  The smallest amount of cellulite on me looks twice as big because I don't have a lot of places to hide it.  It's probably not as bad as I think it is since we always judge ourselves harder than anyone else ever will.  I remember telling my husband one time that I wish I was as small as a certain person.  His reply: They outweigh you by at least 25 pounds.  Oh, that was my bad.  It could have been that their extra 25 pounds was made up entirely of boobs though lol. 

Back on point..I recently received the opportunity to try and review Naturalico Cellulite Cream.  I jumped on this opportunity.  I read up and their previous reviews were excellent.  I was walking to the mailbox everyday as the mail carrier was pulling away in hopes of seeing a beautiful brown Amazon box that said "Open me and have the thighs of your dreams". Finally...after what seemed like a year (it was actually only 2 days) it arrived!  I opened it and just knew that I was going to apply this cream and when I got up the next morning I was going to be Jennifer Aniston's twin!!

I was still me the next morning.  But I was ok with that lol :) 

I started using the cream 11 days ago.  I was happy to find, when I opened the bottle, that I wasn't hit with a strong chemical smell that made me smell like a factory.  I have somewhat sensitive skin and I haven't experienced any issues.  We are very limited on the soap/laundry detergent we can use because I break out very easily or itch like crazy and I didn't experience any of that with this product.  It contains caffeine, retinol and green tea which have all been proven to help with firming skin.  It's also made in the US which I found reassuring because I am cautious when using products produced outside of the US.  Nothing against foreign products but I would prefer products that I know are held to the safety standards the US has in place.

After only using the product 10 times I have already started to see a difference.  My skin has a tighter/firmer appearance.  For a lack of better words it looks like my skin is thicker.  I don't mean that in a bad way.  My skin looks healthier and reminds me of the way it looked in my early 20's.  I am now hooked on this product and will continue to use it daily.

If you are interested in purchasing this product you can do so by following this link to their Amazon posting:

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