Monday, September 8, 2014

Royal Baby #2

The announcement of Royal Baby #2 has made a big splash online.  I have seen tons of well wishes and a few nasty comments.  Regardless of if you follow the Royal Family, a new life being brought into the world is cause to celebrate. 

When I first saw the reports I thought it was just a rumor.  I mean isn't Royal Baby #1 like only 6 months old?  Nope..turns out he is 14 months old!!  Time has flown.  I'm sure he is up running around and getting into everything.  Can you imagine a 14 month old running around a palace?  I can!  I like to think that they are like any other family.  I can see Kate running around in a pair of sweat pants, a tshirt, her hair looking like a rat's nest, while calmly saying "no baby you can't lick the artwork", "no baby, you can't hug the diplomats while you are covered in chocolate", "baby, did you just have a leaky poopy diaper on the Pope?!".  Ok, maybe it's a little different for them lol. 

I'm sure she hasn't ran into those problems yet.  She only has 1 child currently.  Anyone can handle one child. What about when she has a toddler and a newborn?  One that needs her full attention, her every moment because he/she is completely helpless and one that is running around getting into everything.  I see a nice pay hike in the nanny's future lol. 

I am willing to bet that Diana is looking down on their growing family and smiling.  So proud to know that her son has found love and is proud of the father he is.  I bet there is also a little sly grin on her face because she is thinking back to his terrible 2's and she knows what he is in for.  :)

I'm not one to follow celebrities or royalty.  The two seem to have combined at some point.  Everyone is a celebrity now and they have the eyes of the world on them at all times.  Judgmental eyes.  They know that every decision will be criticized.  Every move will be seen by the world.  Every epic parental fail will be on TMZ and the National Enquirer.  I'm sure they have grown tough skin for the comments that rude people make, but I can't believe that the are able to brush them all off. The occasional opinion from some obnoxious person has to bother them. 

I can't imagine raising my kids in front of the world.  I'm sure there wouldn't be any nice comments when I am caught in the Walmart buying groceries in sweat pants with 2 day old hair, no make up and kids in clothes that don't really match, covered in the chocolate I had to give them to get them in the car as I tell them for the 234th time that NO, we will not be getting a pet fish matter how many times you ask.  Or when Ainsley is having a major meltdown while I am trying to rush Chris to the bathroom before he pees in the middle of the store.  Yes, I am now thankful that I am from little ole' Mississippi and no one cares what I am doing.

Since I am finished having kids (at least that's the plan) I would like to offer up my remaining baby names for Royal Baby #2.  If we have a royal daughter I would like to suggest Maura Diana..doesn't that just sound like the name of royalty?! If they are blessed with another royal son, I like William Callen.  My names are Maura and Callen, but they fit so well with their family names. 

Whether or not the world likes their decision to bring another baby into their family is irrelevant.  This is a joyous time in their family and everyone should be happy for them.  I pray for an easy and healthy pregnancy for the princess.  And that the prince doesn't have too many late nights of searching for pickles and orange juice because of mommy cravings.