Sunday, September 7, 2014

It Sneaks Up On Me Every Stinking Year

It happens every year.  The same date..every single year, yet once again I find the holiday season just around the corner and I am totally and completely unprepared for it. 

Stores put out Halloween decorations weeks ago.  I am starting to see Christmas items creep into stores.  Friends are posting on Facebook how much Christmas shopping they have finished and I'm sitting over here wondering how in the world it is almost Christmas AGAIN.

I have to tackle Halloween before I can even think about Christmas.  Every year I find the most adorable costumes on Pinterest and promise myself that this year will be the year that I actually accomplish making them and am not standing in Walmart the day before Halloween digging through the costumes that are left and praying that I find one that fits all of the kids.  My luck will eventually run out.  There was one year that I was worried that the boy kid may have to be a fairy because I couldn't find anything that fit him. Luckily I found one boy costume in his size.  This year will be different...I will not wait until the last minute. 

As I searched Pinterest last night I found the cutest idea ever!  Halloween isn't a holiday associated with giving.  Halloween is just for the kids.  They dress up and run around the neighborhood begging for candy followed by a week of sugar induced tummy aches.  Well, that is about to my house at least.  I found, on Pinterest, the idea of booing your neighborhood.  Basically you write a little poem telling your neighbors that they have been booed.  You ask them to keep it going by booing another neighbor.  You attach a little "happy", like some candy or cookies.  The point is to leave a small gift for your neighbors without letting them know who it was.  What a cute idea!!  I will definitely be doing this with my neighbors. They have a few kids so I know they will enjoy the surprise candy.  And trying to figure out where it came from.  I love when creative people come up with cute little ways to spread some happiness around the holidays.

Here is the link on Pinterest, if you would like to do this in your neighborhood.

I try to be creative when it comes to school parties.  I don't like to just send a bag of candy.  I also found the cutest idea ever for the boy kid's Halloween party.  Get this...little football jersey candy holders...yeah I know, most freaking cute idea ever!! They are actually really simple to make.  All you need is some glue/tape, card stock and markers to decorate.  Since this year is his first year to play flag football I thought that this idea would just make his day!  Here is the link to the template to make these.
I just ask that any 1st grade moms at EAC not steal it lol ;)  I call it for this year ha ha.

I love the holiday season, mostly because that means winter is approaching.  I LOVE winter.  Fluffy socks, hot chocolate, fires and occasionally snow.  I'm never ready for it but I always seem to pull it off.  I have many years of Christmas Eve shopping under my belt.  It's worked so far so why change it?? 

Do you guys do anything special or different for Halloween?  Or have any cute DIY Halloween related projects that you are working on?  We would love to hear about them!!

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