Monday, September 22, 2014

True Sol African Mango Cleanse - Review

True Sol African Mango Cleanse Plus - Fortified with Flax Seed, Aloe and Acidophilus
Ok, so I probably thought the same thing you are thinking right now.  A cleanse?  Yeah, I don't want to try that...cleanse translates into poop pills. Or at least it did in my mind.  Turns out I was wrong.

I had the opportunity to try and review the True Sol African Mango Cleanse.  I was a little nervous going into this, for the above reasons.  I researched them before I decided to do it and it calmed my mind a little.  Not completely but a little.

I received the pills and nervously popped one. all. I was actually excited with the nothing at all results.  Day two came around and I was considerably less nervous as I popped pill #2. all. Once again..not upset at all about the nothing.  Day 3 rolls around and I was cool with it.  I figured I got a bad batch or they just didn't do what they were suppose to.  Well, day 3 I noticed some differences. 

My stomach usually has this dull little pain.  It feels like I am hungry.  My stomach also feels uneasy most of the time.  It's partly due to the gluten allergy and most likely the way I eat.  Potato chips are a meal right??  Anyway, I noticed on day 3 that my stomach wasn't hurting and didn't feel uneasy.  This was not something I was expecting from a "diet" pill. 

I read up on this some more and saw that one study showed several medical benefits from taking this supplement.  I was surprised when I read what people were saying about it.

I haven't been taking it for long.  I haven't lost any weight yet but I'm not a fast loser.  No matter what I take or what diet I do, it takes me longer.  I took Adipex for 2 weeks and never lost a pound..seriously, and that stuff is prescription strength.  I'm not at all surprised that I haven't lost any weight from this yet, but I was very happily surprised to see the other benefits of this.

If I never lose a pound from this supplement I will still be completely satisfied with the results I have had so far.

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