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Sportstek 4 in 1 Multi-Function Headlamp - Review #BloggerBuzz #GiftGuide

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Sportstek 4 in 1 MultiFunction Headlamp

Ok y'all, what do you think?  Pretty cool, huh?  Pretty cool is a drastic understatement!!

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The amazing folks at Sportstek recently allowed me to test their Lightwear 4 in 1 Multi-Function Headlamp.  When my husband saw it I also received the wife of the year award. Like I didn't already deserve it..
He already had a headlamp similar to this one.  His wasn't nearly as nice but I figured a light is a light and now he has 2, plus this one looks a little cooler.  I was way off. 
We decided to put it to the test.  We live on 6.5 acres.  We have a rather small front yard and the majority of our property is behind our house.  We went out back, in true redneck style, to play with our flashlights Saturday night.  I got his old headlamp and he, of course, stole the new Sportstek light.  I mean really?! How fair was that??  Well, I did get out of cooking dinner by agreeing to let him use the new, fancy, cool light so I guess it was a win win.  So, we started out our redneckedness testing with a whose light is the biggest contest.  My light made it all of the way to the clothes line...or about 15 steps.  I was proud.  The Sportstek light made it all of the way to the trees on the back of our property line. This was the moment that I realized I 1. was going to lose this contest and 2. I was going to get the best wife in the state award.  It's a whole lot of steps or farther than I am willing to walk to count the number of steps from our back yard to the end of our property line.  It's far enough to break out the 4 wheeler if I ever decide I need to go back there, which I never do.
I think it would have actually been farther if the trees hadn't blocked the light.
Well, so far 1 point for the man and 0 for me.  That's ok though cause I was going to redeem myself.  I wasn't exactly sure how, but it was going to happen.  It didn't happen before I tripped over a hole that the dog dug while using my not so great light.  Or before he laughed that I was sucking up this contest.  This resulted in a testing time out for me to remind him, very nicely, that hunting season is fast approaching and if he doesn't want me to make plans for every Saturday morning he better find some act right. 
Anyway, back to testing.  Next up was some inside testing.  His light was super bright..mine not so much.  Well, have you ever tried to look under something and the light end up being so bright that you couldn't see because it was reflecting?  Ha ha I knew I was going to win this one!  Here we are laying out on the kitchen floor...I am looking under the refrigerator and he is looking under the stove.  I can't see anything except for the magnetic letters that are right in my face.  Of course I am yelling I can see all of the way to the wall.  He smiles and says so can I.  Yeah right, I know that light is too bright so I go over there to bust his butt for cheating.  Lost again.  At this point I was ticked and resigned from the challenge.
As boys always do, he had to show his new toy to everyone that he has been within 50ft of since it arrived. He's like a walking commercial.  Of course when they say where did you get that, its time to call the little loser girl over to tell them where they can get one..and to brag about winning. there a box to check that says divorce due to headlamp?  I'll have to look into that.

Just a few of the responses/questions we received:  "Man, where you get that?" "You can get me one of those for Christmas." "Can I borrow that?"  "You get that at Walmart?"  "Where's mine?"  "I bet that would work good for spotlighting.  Let's go try it out."  (I am well aware that spotlighting is frowned up.  We do not support or participate in this activity.  No laws were broken during the testing of this product.) (No animals were harmed during the testing of this product...1 husband received possible injury as a result of this testing - not related to the product.)
Ok, back to the serious.  I was very impressed with this light.  I'm a GIRL and I was impressed.  Nothing against the girls that hunt or fish or are the outdoor type. It's just not my thing. I don't do the whole ticks, bugs and sweat thing. This would make the PERFECT holiday gift for anyone on your Christmas lists!  Obviously, the boy people would love it for hunting, working on vehicles..all of those boy things.  BUT, did I forget to mention the bicycle bracket?  Yes, it comes with a bicycle bracket!  Basically, it can be converted into a bicycle headlight.  It also has a belt holster and can stand on its own.  (This is excellent for when you are trying to clean under the fridge or find the long lost teeny tiny toy that the small child must have at this very moment)  I can't think of anyone that could not use one of these.  It's even a great item to keep in your vehicle with your emergency kit.  I'm sure changing a flat tire at midnight is a slightly difficult task especially when you are trying to hold a flashlight.  I'm assuming this as I do not change tires either..
Ok, now for the best part.  Where can you get one of these?  I know you were wondering this.  Well, you can click on the link below and it will take you right to their listing on Amazon. ?
  <<Right there it is!  (Have I made it obvious just how impressed I am with this light?)  If not I will just go ahead and point blank say it..I am way impressed! As if that wasn't enough, the company has been wonderful.  It was shipped promptly, arrived BEFORE the scheduled delivery date and I have had nothing short of exceptional customer service with each communication! 
Part 2 of the best part:  Sportstek is sponsoring a GIVEAWAY!  Yes, you read that right!  It's a giveaway as in FREE product to 1 lucky winner.  Entering is easy.  All you have to do is subscribe by email to this page.  On the left side you will see subscribe by email.  Enter your email address and follow the simple directions.  Once you subscribe you will receive an email to confirm your subscription.  After doing that head over to and like us!  This will ensure you are one of the first to hear of any new giveaways.  After doing those 2 simple steps send an email to saying that you have joined our mailing list and Facebook page. Entering will close on 9/25/14 at 11:59pm  and a winner will be submitted to Sportek within 48 hours of response. The winner has 48 hours to respond or else forfeits their right to the prize and another winner will be chosen at random.  Please email from the same address that you sign up with so it can be verified.  Go do it now, this is not a giveaway that you want to miss out on!!
Good luck!!
Contest Terms and Conditions:  This promotion is open to residents of the US.  Contestants must be 18 years of age or older to enter.  This promotion is sponsored by Sportstek.  Figuring It Out As We go is not responsible for this product or shipping fees associated with.  Winner will be contacted by email and have 48 to respond. After acceptance the winning information will be forwarded to Sportek.  When entering please supply a valid email address, you will be contacted for shipping information.
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    1. That's no problem. If you already subscribe and have liked us on Facebook all you have to do is send a quick email saying that you have already done this and would like to be entered. Good luck!! :)

  2. I like the idea of having a flexible light. When I am hiking I can use the Sportstek 4 in 1 as my headlamp and when I go for my weekend bike rides I can do the adjustment and attach it to the handlebar.

    1. It is VERY versatile! I am finding new ways to use it everyday. My husband doesn't like the fact that I am trying to steal it back from him ;)