Thursday, September 25, 2014

Arthur Falcone - A Musical Flashback

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I'm not exactly old enough to remember the hard rock days. I watch old rock videos on YouTube and listen to the rock from the 70's and can't help but wonder what happened to music. Arthur Falcone is, what many would call, a blast from the past.
Today's rock music is not the real deal rock music of the past. Headbanging went out of style with painted faces and pounds of eyeliner. Music calmed down and rock & roll turned into country music with a faster beat.
I stumbled upon Arthur Falcone by accident. Listening to him play reminds me of the music of the past. That "something" that you can't find in today's music. I instantly think of Kiss, Tommy Lee and Van Halen when I hear him play the guitar. A refreshing reminder of what rock & roll began as and will always be to the people that have actually taken the time to experience the music of the past.
I am thrilled that I stumbled upon Arthur Falcone's music. I hope that his fan base in the US continues to grow and that we are able to hear new and amazing work from this artist.
If you are interested in checking out some of Arthur's music you can visit his fan page at Arthur Falcone
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