Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Every day I watch the news and every day I am depressed when it's over.  30 minutes of reports about murder, bombs and crime.  There is never a happy news day.  I understand that we need to be aware of events happening around the world BUT we also need to be aware of all of the good happening.  We need to broadcast the good deeds of others and hopefully restore some faith in mankind.  I'm tired of hearing about ISIS.  I just want a one day break from all of the negative to celebrate the good that is still out there.  So, I decided to share just a few heartwarming, happy, breaking stories.

Ted Bartling from Utah decided to donate his kidney to someone in need...a total stranger.  This man volunteered to have his organ cut out of his body to save the life of someone that he had never met.  He accepted the risk involved to perform a completely selfless act.  Doesn't get much better than that does it?  Well, grab you tissues cause it gets a whole lot better!  Three people needed a new kidney.  All 3 had people willing and ready to donate.  Unfortunately, they were not matches.  One patient was a 2 year old child.  I can't imagine how his parents felt being totally and completely helpless.  Well, now they are celebrating.  All 3 are celebrating!!  Mr Ted donated his kidney to Brandy Jess.  Brandy's friend wanted to donate but was not a match for Brandy, so she donated her kidney to that precious 2 year old baby.  The child's father then donated his kidney to Juan Romero!  Who knows if the other 2 donors would have done this if Mr Ted had not initiated this selfless act.  Probably not.  If it were my child I would be so busy trying to find a donor or treatment that I wouldn't have time to even consider donating my kidney to a stranger.  I would be by my child's side praying day and night, as I am sure this family was.  Thanks to one selfless act by one man, 3 people have a second shot at life.  He set into motion a series of events that I am sure he never expected. He is the reason that 3 people will be able to lead full lives.  He is the reason that a family will have many years to spoil their miracle baby.  This man is a hero.  He has changed the world.  Everyone does not know his name and many never will but there are now 3 families whose lives will never be the same because of him.

Chandler Lacefield, your average everyday 17 year old that enjoys cheering, running and fishing.  Her parents surprised her with a brand new shiny red Jeep as a graduation gift.  Sweet!  Her best friend MacKenzie wasn't as blessed.  Her mom couldn't afford to buy a car for her.  MacKenzie depended on her friends to help her with getting to work and practices when her mom was at work.  Well, Chandler had a great idea.  She spoke with her parents and decided to trade her brand new Jeep for 2 smaller vehicles.  She cares so much about her friend that she gave up her new car so she could get a car for her friend!  Not something most 17 years old would ever think of.  She was able to trade her Jeep and get a smaller vehicle for herself and one for her friend.  Her parents chipped in and helped her out a little.  I know that her parent's must be so proud of the person their daughter is becoming.  To do something so selfless at the age of 17 is a testament to the type of parents she has and proves that they are doing something right.  I hope she keeps this attitude and goes on to make even bigger changes in the lives of many.

Devon Still, I'm sure we all know that name.  His 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer over the summer.  He stayed by his daughter's during the off season.  Once the season began he received a phone call stating that since he was unable to devote his full attention to football he would be cut. Cruel right?  Fire a man that is trying to save his child, thats low.  No job or insurance and a very sick child.  What happened next has shocked the world.  The Bengals coach then informed Still that they would be resigning him to the practice squad.  This meant that he kept his insurance, he had a salary and he was able to devote his attention to helping his child.  They didn't have to do this.  They could have cut him and been through with him.  But they didn't, they did what they had to do and then they came up with a solution that let this player and every other player on the team know that they truly care.  They don't just see them as players that bring in the money.  They really care about them and their families.  Much respect for the entire Bengals family and many prayers for little Leah.

We don't have to change the world.  One kind act, no matter how small, can change the world for 1 person.  Theses acts did not create world peace, they changed the lives of very few people.  What if those people pay it forward and then those and so on?? One small act can change the heart of one person and by passing that on one small act can change the whole world.  Let's all try to do thing for someone else this week.  It doesn't have to be big, just one little act that shows people that we still care for each other. 

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