Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gun Control - Yeah, I'm Going There

In Mississippi even mentioning the words gun control is enough to get your house burned down.  In a state full of old Republicans the thought of limiting access to guns is a mortal sin and you will instantly become an outcast.  It's understandable.  Hunting is one of, if not, the most popular hobbies.  Most men in the state have a large collection of rifles that they treasure more than their first born.  You don't mess with a man's guns in Mississippi.

Not many like the idea of gun control.  The main reason, they don't like being told that they can't do something or the idea of having rules.  People are naturally rebellious and our first instinct is to disagree with any change.  But is gun control really all that bad?

Why do civilians NEED high power military grade weapons?  Why do they even want them? I don't see you shooting a deer with an AK-47 so why do you even want it?  The majority of people opposed to the government limiting access to certain weapons don't own these weapons and have no interest in owning them so why do they even care?  I'm not against guns in any way..we happen to have a gun cabinet that is overflowing in my house. Not a single fully automatic weapon in it. Why? Because I can't think of a single reason that we would ever need or use one.  So why should I care if they are legal or not??

Mississippi has the open carry law.  It as been praised since it went into effect.  You are not required to have a permit to carry openly, a conceal carry permit is still required.  Why are we so happy about this?  If you are a law abiding citizen that wants to carry a handgun is getting a permit that big of an inconvenience?  I think I would feel a little bit safer knowing that every person I see carrying a gun in town had to go through the process of getting a permit, instead of everyone being able to carry a gun as long as its visible.  I find it hard to believe that everyone wouldn't be a little uneasy if they walked into a store and the person in front of them in line had a pistol on their side.

I get so tired of hearing the only thing that can protect you from a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun or if someone breaks into your house the first person you will call is a cop with a gun.  Yes, I know that the first person I will call is a cop with a gun. I'm not against guns..but I'm not for every person in the state being able to openly carry a gun.

Did anyone think about the negative side of this?  Let's say that Joe and Bob are out and about in town.  Joe flirts with Sue, who just happens to be Bob's girlfriend.  In the past Joe and Bob would have thrown a few punches. Now, Bob and Joe both have a pistol on their hip..what do you think happens next?  Someone gets shot, and in the chaos it could be an innocent person that was just walking by. 

Gun control will not stop criminals from getting weapons.  We all know that criminals have no problem with breaking the law.  But, what about the people that aren't criminals?  What about the man that walks in on his wife cheating and is not thinking straight when he goes down the street to buy a gun to kill the boyfriend?  What about the person who lost their job today, comes home to find their dog dead in the road and an eviction notice on the door?  What if those people had to wait 72 hours to get a gun?  They would probably have calmed down and realized that killing someone or themselves is not the answer. 

I am not for gun control but I don't see the big deal with gun regulations.  I actually think that everyone would feel safer with them.  I'm not saying to take people's guns but waiting 3 days to get a gun because of a background check is not the end of the world.  There are not many reasons that a person would need a gun immediately.  It won't kill anyone if they have to wait 72 hours to get it and it may actually save someone's life.

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