Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Living In 2014 With No Electricity

Ok, that was a little misleading and a slight exaggeration.  I should have stated living in 2014 without lights, as in I can't turn on a single light in the house.  Normally that could be explained by my cheapness and conserving electricity. Not this extreme. I can't turn a single light on in the ever. Not even at night.

I'm ok with no lights during the day. The daylight is enough to be able to be able to see.  I keep the blinds open and the sunlight is refreshing.  Night is a different story.  I cook in the dark.  I type in the dark. I do laundry in the dark.  I do everything in the dark.  It's not easy.  It's especially hard to attempt to cook dinner by nothing but the light of the television in the next room.

My little angel has OCD.  Her doctor calls it her cute little quirks.  I called them that too until the cute little light quirk appeared.  Her doctor says to just deal with them unless it starts to become so severe that it interferes with her activities.  Hello...what about my activities?!  Seriously, I never intended to medicate her to break her quirks.  We deal with them and sometimes get a good laugh out of them.  I wasn't laughing much when I nearly chopped my leg off trying to shave in the dark or when I was almost decapitated after tripping over the dog.  The dog just so happens to be black which blends in very nicely with the dark of night that floods my house every evening. 

There are some perks. My electric bill is lower.  If I ever lose my eye sight I will have no problem getting around the house and will probably still be able to cook occasionally.  It's also fun in the mornings when the bigger girl kid comes out waving a pair of Spiderman underwear yelling I am NOT wearing this.  Folding laundry in the dark always results in fun little surprises.

I expected to have at least one quirky kid.  I have my own OCD tendencies but not nearly as bad as her's.  Mine usually revolve around cleaning.  Oh, and the kitchen bar. I can't sleep at night if the bar isn't cleaned off. 

I love my little spider monkey and all of her quirks.  I call her my spider monkey because she manages to climb and jump from every flat surface in the house.  They can get annoying sometimes and occasionally I think I might lose my mind if I hear "Momma! NOOO light!!!" one more time, but she is my quirky little monkey and when she is all grown up and takes her quirks with her I will surely miss them!

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