Friday, September 19, 2014

The Boo Boo Breakup

Well, it's official.  Momma June and Sugar Bear are on a break! You can read all about it here  It's never been a fairytale, love at first sight type of relationship but it seemed to be working for them.  Momma June, as I am sure that everyone knows, is the mother of 4 children the youngest being Honey Boo Boo who made headlines during her pageant days.  June has discussed on several occasions that her children all come from different fathers and admits that she isn't sure who the fathers of 1 or 2 are. 

I will admit I am addicted to the reality series their family stars in.  It's such a disaster that you can't make yourself push the remote button to change the channel and find yourself tuning in each week to see if the entire episode was just a one time slip of manners or if this family does indeed live in the way they are portrayed on the show.  It seems that no member of their family has had any lessons on manners or etiquette. This became extremely obvious during the "scratch and sniff" season premiere in the past.  It takes a special type of man to be with a woman that frequently belches and farts on national television but they seemed like a happy couple and Sugar Bear appeared to love June.

I can't help but think back to the commitment ceremony episode and remember June saying that there was no point in getting married since they had been together for so long.  She also said that getting married could put a black cloud over them and could change their relationship causing them to separate.  I can't help but wonder if June cursed their relationship by saying that or if she said that because they were already having issues. 

I feel for the children involved.  3 of the children are not Sugar Bear's however he is the only father figure they have ever know.  I'm sure this is hard on the entire family.  They can be hard to handle but I wish the best for all of them.

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