Monday, September 22, 2014

I Married A Sissy Boy

I married a sissy boy real man.  Our marriage hasn't been anywhere near perfect.  We have fought and struggled.  I have yelled and thrown heavy objects.  He has very rudely kindly suggest that I go to the pharmacy and get some Midol.  He doesn't understand that Midol doesn't treat bitchy. That's normally the time that heavy objects go flying toward his head..and did I mention he has a really big head?  Yeah, he does so 9 times out of 10 I manage to hit some part of it.  Traumatic brain injury could explain several things.  Any way, I got off point as I normally do.  Another off point comment.. have you noticed I discovered the button that draws a line through words?  Yep..I had to play with it.

So, back on point. I married a sissy boy.  I'm sure once he sits down and reads this that he will be giving me the evil eye by the time he gets this far.

One of my most favorite blogs ever is Daddy Doin' Work.  You can find him at Seriously, I have a small obsession with this man.  He is totally awesome!  He is real and that is something that isn't so easy to find anymore.  A lot of people blog about being a parent.  They talk about the beauty, magic, pride and love of being a parent.  Yes, It's a wonderful thing but..the devil was once an angel.  It's not that often that people sit down and talk about the terrible 2's through 18's.  Terrible 2's had nothing on the terrible 13's. 

It's not common to find a daddy that can fix hair, find matching clothes and actually talks about it. For some reason a lot of men think that's "woman work" and that they aren't as manly if they do it.

Brandon helps with the cooking, cleaning and kids.  He may not get to my level of clean, get the grass cut the moment (or week)that it needs to be cut or dress the kids in clothes that actually match but he tries.  He put the kids to bed every night.  He gets them up and dressed for school almost every morning.  He changes dirty diapers. He does laundry. He cooks.  He cleans.  He helps with all of it.  He lets the girls put make up on him and bows in his hair.  They have even painted his nails a few times.  Some people say that is a sissy boy...I think it's a grown man.

I'm not sure where this concept started that men are weak or less manly because they handle their responsibilities.  Honestly, I think that men should be ashamed when they say they don't know how to work a washing machine or change a diaper.  The big, bad, tough man can't figure out how to turn a knob to start or look at the diaper on the baby and figure out how to put on another one?  Ok, then...congratulations on being a big, strong man that needs a little weak woman to provide you with clean socks and underwear..and for being so tough that you can't  scramble an egg.  Yeah, I believe that you can think up an amazing plan to escape from a raging serial killer that eats his victims but making a sandwich..that's just too complicated. 

Some say that my husband is a sissy boy because of all that he does.  If you feel that way, fine with me.  You aren't bothering us one little bit.  He grew up, unlike you.  He understands that getting married isn't the same thing as hiring a maid and that raising kids isn't just for the mom.  I hope that my son grows up to be just as big of a sissy as his dad!

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